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µTorrent Server 3.0 alpha build 27079 (for Linux) - x86


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I am running utorrent on my debian box and everything seems to be working just fine except for Labels.

Here are the details of my install:

Product Version 3.0

Source Revision 27079

Build Date 2012-04-17 19:51:48 -0700

UI Revision 27079

Perhaps I'm not following the right steps but when I go to 'More Actions' and select new label nothing happens. I assume that is how I create a new label.

Also is it possible to apply a label to a download from an RSS feed? I would love to be able to have my auto downloads via RSS moved to their appropriate directory.


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Soon we can celebrate first birthday of current version:

2012-05-30 03:51:17 New x86 and x64 builds of µTorrent Server available! (27079)

A year without update or fix? I know, this is free client! But please, don't let him die in alpha stage!

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Despite the lack of published product updates, we've continued developing uTorrent Server for Linux. The SoShare project was using uTorrent Server for Linux, so we made some improvements based on the needs of that project. Also, one of our engineers spent a fair amount of time this year uncovering and resolving problems involving our torrent products, so I expect that you will find some performance improvements, generally and in certain edge cases; I'll report more on this once I work with that engineer to develop a list of those improvements.

The release that's available for download is based on a code line that is roughly equivalent to the 3.3 release on other platforms. We are working on the 3.4 code line to prepare releases of numerous products, including uTorrent Server for Linux.

Also, try accessing the web UI from a mobile device.

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I use utorrent on an unraid server by a user created plugin who is now not active. I am attempting to update the plugin and have successfully got it to download and install this latest 3.3 version. Part of the plugin is that it does a version check by downloading and taring the file, grepping for a file version and comparing it to the version installed. the code for this is:

#wget -q -O linux http://download-new.utorrent.com/endpoint/utserver/os/linux-i386-debian-6-0/track/beta/

#VERSION="$(cat linux | grep maindownloadtitle | awk -F'[()]' '{print $2}')"

#echo "Current Version $VERSION"

#sleep 2

#STABLE="$(cat linux | grep -o http://[^[]*.tar.gz | head -1)"

#echo "Downloading $STABLE"

#sleep 2

#rm linux

At the moment i have simply changed the download location and commented out this check, but:

With the new versions (and i believe for a while now) the plugin cannot find the version number correctly. Is there a particular place/notation that the grep could search for and show a result? VERSION="$(cat linux | grep maindownloadtitle | awk -F'[()]' '{print $2}')"

Thanks for your help

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