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(some icons from FOOOD's Junior theme - used with permission)


LuxoJr Candy


LuxoJr Candy Round (low contrast)


LuxoJr Candy Round (high contrast)

189.png 186.png

LuxoJr Crystal Round

200.png 214.png

LuxoJr Crystal Square

190.png 191.png

LuxoJr Flat Round

340.png 338.png

LuxoJr Flat Square

341.png 339.png

Tab Icons


> To download, click on an image or go to the SKINS page

> For instructions, read the µTorrent Skinning and Customization Guide

::: comments always welcome :::

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Couple of notes:

1) Oops! Last night I accidentally erased the old thread. Sorry. Welcome to the new one...

2) I decided to retire the monochrome skins, never liked them too much to start with, and I might be planning a new series of monochromes... so, unless someone starts screaming bloody murder, those are gone for now.

3) and thanks to that I've been able to replace the "add from url" symbol with a normal "+" (I needed different symbols for the monochrome versions. Not anymore.) I'm happy now.

hofshi: you're welcome ;)... what did I do?

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Yeay! Finally! Very nice! My opinions eh? I agree with Yenkaz, try the WordPad icon for logging, System Information icon for the general tab, and Windows Explorer icon for the file tab. Just my 2 cents. Still, using ur tab icons now, my icons are now 100% made by fractalnoise ;) Thanks dude!

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All right! I've been listening, and the suggestions were worth following, which I did. Thanks for the comments!

- General, files and logger icons changed.

- It should also work better with win98 (I think, do let me know--it's just got a standard gray background if the transparency doesn't work.)

- As for packing/instructions... well, I make 'em, you use 'em! D/l what you like, put the bmp(s) in your %AppData%\uTorrent, restart uTorrent. I might be thinking about packaging later on, but not for now...

- For a candyfied version, we'll just have to wait and see...

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Yeay! Great work! Thanks for all your hard work fractalnoise!

p/s: Hope I don't sound like a whiney boy, but there's something not quite right with the speed icon in the tabs... Here is a nice example. But the needle is pointing to zero. Maybe you can adjust it so that it points at max, half or quarter value ;) Sorry for the trouble, but you really have a winner

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