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[3.3.28918] uTorrent not always deleting .torrent files


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I've noticed that occasionally (maybe 1 in 20) uTorrent will not delete the .torrent files when directed to do so. I've seen this behavior both when I've used the "Remove and delete .torrent" and the "Remove and delete .torrent + data" options. In the latter case, the data file is always successfully removed but the .torrent sometimes is not.

I just witnessed this behavior upon using the "delete .torrent" option when I wanted to retain the data, and when I attempted to manually delete the .torrent file in Windows Explorer, I received a message that the file was in use by uTorrent and I couldn't do that right now. I shut down uTorrent to see if it would be deleted in a "shutdown cleanup" operation, but it was not. With uTorrent shut down I was successful in manually deleting the .torrent file.

I just spent a few minutes going through my .torrents directory, and I found a dozen or so examples from the past couple months where .torrents that should no longer be there were still extant. They were about equally split between files for which data had been retained and files for which I no longer had the data.

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In the interests of bumping, with additional info:

I just deleted 7 files through uTorrent using the "Remove And Delete .torrent + Data" method. All 7 had reached their 400% seeding goal and were displaying "Finished" in uTorrent. After deleting them, I checked Windows Explorer to see if they were gone. All 7 data files were gone, but only three of the .torrent files were gone, leaving four in place.

When I attempted to delete those four manually, two were successful while two were not, both of them giving me the message, "The action can't be completed because the file is open in uTorrent. Close the file and try again."

I shut down uTorrent and attempted to delete them again, and again received the "can't complete" message. uTorrent was gone from my system tray, however when I checked my Task Manager, there was still an active uTorrent process. I walked away for about 10 minutes to give it time to finish up and shut down, but when I returned, the process was still active showing about 5% CPU usage. I ended the process manually and was subsequently able to delete the two remaining .torrent files.

If I can provide any additional info or testing, please advise.

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I have the same problem with 3.3 (now on 3.3 build 29625).

But for me, it seems, .torrent files are never deleted.

Even though I always do "Remove And > Delete .torrent" all .torrent files stay in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\ until I delete them myself.

I add most of the torrents via magnet-links. Could that be the reason?

Also when running a new build for the first time and installer pops up (why would it - that's another issue - I already have the previous build "installed", I just want to replace the .exe and go on with it) I untick the checkbox "Install uTorrent to".

Win7 x64

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3.3 build 29625, windows 7 x64, the problem lately seems to occur about 1-2 times out of 5 for me, I also mostly use magnet links and it seems it only does this with the .torrent files

[edit] This actually seems to be fixed in the latest beta 3.3.1 build 29594

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