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Checked 0.0% Utorrent 3.3 (29126)


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He is right. The Force Recheck is broken.

To replicate the problem, do this:

1. Select a block of torrents.

2. Right clicked on selected torrents and choose "Stop" (very annoying you have to do this).

3. Right click again and choose "Force Recheck".

4. Note how the first torrent is properly checked. Note how it skips ALL of the other torrents!


I always use Force Recheck on things I've downloaded because uTorrent has a bad habit of NOT re-checking torrents after it crashes. It's bitten me a bunch of times already.

3.3 seems more stable. Haven't had a crash yet... but still, I'm paranoid!

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All pieces were checked in all the jobs, and it didn't seem to take any longer than it would at any other time.

Can you try with my settings (@ my sig)?
Not currently as my workhorse machine's PSU died overnight, and my spare PSU is only 350W

Define 'empty' file.

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Same problem here (Windows 7 home premium, uTorrent 3.3 build 29420).

Every torrent I add gets stuck at "checked 0%" after downloading metadata. (Only way to get the torrent to start seems to be to restart uTorrent, and even then only the first of the stuck ones starts, so I have to repeat this once per torrent!)

This happens regardless of if pre-allocate all files is on or off.

I'm fairly certain I was running build 29333 before upgrading to 29420.

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I am seeing the same thing.

If I close uTorrent and reopen then 1 new file starts downloading. I did this 7 times with the same effect. An additional file started downloading each time I reopened the program.

This seriously kills usability of the program. Is there any way to roll back to a previous version until a bug fix gets done?

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I have the same problem. I click on a magnet link, uTorrent pops up, it downloads the meta-data, and then gets stuck on "Checked 0.0%". I find if I remove the torrent, then re-add it using the .torrent file that uTorrent created, then the torrent will start downloading.

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Has BitTorrent Inc. acknowledged this bug yet? I'd like to roll back to a previous version until they get this fixed but I don't know where to go to get a previous stable version. I guess that won't be on this site as a previous poster must have provided a link to a previous version and was stomped on by some dude stating "<munched by admin - your only warning, don't try to link old versions>"... Whoa...

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gettings same problem

worked fine with 3.2.1

upgraded to and first torrent i add i get this bug "Checked 0.0%"

it only seems to happen when i add files from magnet link

if i load the same file but from a torrent file it works fine

using win7 64bit SP1

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Same problem for me.

Tested 3.3 stable (29420), beta (29438) and 3.4 (29382)

Erasing config or full uninstall doesn't solve

Bug only while adding magnetic link. Doesn't not occurs when adding with .torrent or RSS.

[using win8 64bit]

(sorry if bad english)

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Yup, i'm experiencing this problem with µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29420) too.

It seems like you can only have 1 active downloading torrent and the rest are stuck at 0.0%. but like others have already mentioned here before; it happens when you use a Magnet link. when i try using a regular torrent it works fine. i'm using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit.

Hope you fix it ! thanks ~

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Same problem here also removing the torrent and trying it again results in same error on both my machines.

how to cause this error:

1) Start downloading a torrent

2) stop it a min or so in and remove torrent

3) try same torrent again and it will range from checking 0% to saying it already in torrent list but list is empty.

3.3 is VERY buggy with magnet links.

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I concur. I see the same with 3.3.1 beta (build 29438).

I've started adding my magnets in a stopped state, then start them after I have added what I need.

This build does not work right, as the downloads added after I started using it does not download, just sit at Checked 0%.

Windows 7 X64 Pro,

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Okay, I did some quick testing:

I stopped ALL my current downloads, old as well as those added after I started using build 29438, restarted the program and finally started one of the new downloads.

It stated just fine, and is downloading.

I then started a second new dowload, and it just sits at the Checked 0% status.

What's changed, I wonder...

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