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uTorrent says i have 1 active dl when no torrents are loaded


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(url if link doesn't work: http://i.imgur.com/zkTjAgd.jpg )

as you can see from the screen shot, when i mouse-hover over the tray icon, it says that i'm seeding 1 torrent, while the uTorrent gui clearly shows that i have no torrents loaded..i even did an uninstall/reinstall and this screenshot is fresh from the new install and still shows the same error..

i was running v3.3.0 and currently, after the reinstall, i'm on v3.3.2beta (i'm on win7 home-premium sp1 & am current with all updates)

if anyone has any ideas as to wtf is happening and how to fix it, i'd greatly appreciate it

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Where is the run-time error?

Did you see it in the sidebar?

Let's assume you know µTorrent:

What did it show in the sidebar, that's clearly not on the screenshot?

When you uninstalled, did you also selected to remove all settings? (Removes .torrent files as well).

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