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Auto Download in specific folder doesn't work


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Hello Everybody!


I've bought a 3TB hard disk and it's conected to a computer that is always turned on.


So i decided to create my little torrent server :)


I've created a folder in this HD called Torrents, more specific Y:/Torrents...


Inside this folder, there is another folder with the same name, that is where I put my .torrent files.


So i've configured to utorrent auto start download where a .torrent file is created, but that does not work.


Ive tried many ways:

-Put .torrent files in the folder while utorrent is opened.

-Close utorrent, put a .torrent file and then start it again.

-Change the folder to any other one.


So i think taht the folder is not the problem, because it isn't a network folder... its a hard disk that is connected on the same PC.


Does anyone knows what should be the reason for causing this problems.


PS: Downloads by the tipical way (adding a new torrent) works fine.


Thanks for anyone who tried to solve my question. I just want to use my obsolete internet speed to contribute to the P2P community :)



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