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[help]Slow torrent download speeds with fast internet?


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Edit: Wrong category, apologies.





I have a big problem that I've looked everywhere for but found no help. I've google searched around places but they resort back to people with slow internet download and upload speeds..


Problem speaks for itself




(I usually get 110Mb/s download and around 7Mb/s upload)


Here's the download speeds...




Forgot to add that this file has 15000 seeds on TPB proxy. All torrents seem to be like this. 

I also downloaded bittorrent and the same happened on thing is on there. This happens with all torrents, not just this one.


Any help would be really appreciated!! 

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Try and use torrents that aren't actually dead.



Can you define what you mean by 'dead'? with 15000 seeds too?

Slackware is a linux based OS? How will this help me?


Still not getting my downloads to full speed. All torrents are downloading no more than 0.01KB/s despite having my high speed internet. 

What is the actual issue at hand here?

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