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Selective dowlnloading bugs


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I uploaded a torrent of 21 ~300 mebibyte big files to my tracker, everything went fine. As these files were movies, I started watching them and deleting the watched ones as I needed some free space (40GiB HD, poor me). As uploader, I continued seeding what was left, and..


Whoops! Where's the beginning of my file? Shall we.. redownload it?...


What's that? I have already watched this file!

The next day I download some files of other torrent and.. One file I haven't set up to be dowloaded has some data in the end as on previous screenshot.

..and sometimes Torrent Error: Element not found appeared.

P.S. uTorrent 1.5 (build 437)

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boo, I'm trying for ages to have someone understand that the user is interested in *files* not in *pieces* . uT should not display either % or pieces of non-existent files. Simple logic will do that

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