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  1. Check where your saving it to that message comes on when you trying to save the the O/S files locations. Or your using ext drive that doesn't exist or not plugged in or another NAS that isn't connected and it giving bad error.
  2. Torrent files issues should be direct to the site you got the torrent from to figure what's going on with their files. You can't change a created torrent tracker and if they don't match it will not work correctly. So this is something you need to contact the torrent site your using to figure this tracker issue.
  3. Screenshot of the issue and what version.
  4. Did you just try to do it without utorrent and download the final as one normally does. Maybe it's a rar file otherwise you need to contact the site and find out what going on with their files.
  5. What Firewall program are you using? Windows Defender will popup a allow access firewall notice and if you block this utorrent will not load.
  6. My suspicion is ISP Throttle detection of torrent usage and they throttle your internet for that otherwise if anything else without utorrent running is at the ISP speeds then that definitely tells me ISP throttle is happening.
  7. I suspect ISP throttle the criminal mastermind behind this. If without utorrent running internet is fine then you got ISP issues of torrent Throttle when it detects torrent usage. Use the guide in my user posting and if that slackware drops to kb during torrenting just that file you got ISP issue.
  8. ISP Throttle is my suspicion. Is my script in my user posting goes high and drop to kb then you got ISP Throttling issues.
  9. What account are you using to install it with?
  10. You can in utorrent set your downloading and uploading que to allow so many download or upload reducing internet bandwidth loads. So have you looked at your settings to make changes to utorrent. That's where I would first look if you want to reduce your bandwidth loads.
  11. Deep torrents or ISP throttle. But will little information and screen shot to go on no one can tell what is happening.
  12. Are you talking download or uploading torrents. Also this site doesn't deal with private trackers but just the utorrent software itself and if you need more you will have to go to site that talk about private tracker and torrent files if your creating a torrent file.
  13. Torrent speeds aren't based on your ISP speeds just remember that torrent is sharing the more the better the less the slower.
  14. I use Proxy socks5 and have no issues so far.
  15. PiusX


    Contact you subscriber if you having issue watching Netflix. You need to watch NetFlix in your proper region trying to circumventing their Region Lock process will get you blocked. Or else change you NetFlix subscription to US based so you can keep watching your movies. And contact Netflix to help you if your having issue watching their movies. Also torrent help is not here to help you download movies that is something you must do yourself this forum site is for utorrent software issue help not finding/downloading torrents.
  16. Posting to the Mac utorrent would also help here this is Windows O/S section.
  17. You first have to install with Admin/Owner account and then create separate folders in utorrent folder corresponding to each user name so they can setup each their own downloads. After that you need to start each account and start utorrent and create folders for each users. That how you get utorrent to be able to use for each separate accounts. If you don't do this the Admin/Owner account will not allow the other accounts to setup. This is a involved process so you need to do this yourself step by step for each accounts.
  18. Go back to the site where you first found it. Otherwise you will have to use the file name if that is what it is and search online to find it again. Once you delete associated torrent file and file it's gone. Unless your setup has a folder where deleted or complete torrents file are then you could find it otherwise if there is none then you won't be able to find it.
  19. PiusX

    Using a VPN

    Also you need to check with your VPN to figure the settings if utorrent is having issues using it. I do know my older utorrent I am using a Proxy and that doesn't require any VPN to use and so far it's worked ok for my usage without paying a VPN to use.
  20. No two software are the same setup. What your asking doesn't and will not happen. It has to be opened from the same software to resume assuming all the settings were the same. So if you want more help you should go to a qbittorent site forum and ask for more help on using their software.
  21. The other software will not recognize the torrent unless it was download with the same torrent program. There is no torrent migration from one software to another that I know of that will continue from another different software because they most likely have different settings.
  22. Ram and Storage space are two different things here. Anytime you remove a torrent file from one place to another you start over it doesn't continue unless it was in the same location from where it started. What other torrent software are you referring to? No two software does the same thing and trying to compare different software doesn't help since no two software programming is the same for torrent software. If you move torrent you must move all the torrent files related to that file from the torrent file to the downloaded files and then properly point to them when restarting it. Otherwise if this can't be done you will restart the torrent from the beginning again.
  23. I am currently using 2.0.4 and so far I hadn't had any problem with using it or file sharing with it. I tried myself with v3 when it came out and it messed up my torrent tracker and file and file save location that I got rid of v3 and went back to v2 and never had the problems again. So for me 2.0.4 is more then enough for my needs.
  24. I am currently using 2.0.4 b22450 and has worked fine for me that was the last one before trying ver 3 when it was inital released cause so much lost torrent and file that I got rid of ver 3 and went back to 2.0.4 b22450 and haven't had much problem using it.
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