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Speed display for inactive torrents


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Instead of showing "0.0 kB/s" show "-" or leave blank. This would make reading the information panel a whole lot easier. It is particularly difficult now when there are several torrents in different states.

My idea is

Torrent1 Seeding          -      10.8 kB/s
Torrent2 Downloading 13.5 kB/s
Torrent3 Downloading 18.8 kB/s 20.1 kB/s
Torrent4 Downloading 6.7 kB/s
Torrent5 Queued - -
Torrent6 Finished - -
Torrent7 Stopped - -

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I don't see the point, since "0.0 kB/s" gets the point across perfectly well IMO.

how can you not see the point?

however you put it, '-' looks a hell of a lot cleaner than '0.0 kB/s'. especially if it's surrounded by a whole bunch of numbers that look alike from every side.

i like the suggestion. it's a small idea, but i hope it gets implemented.

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I'm all for it... it just helps to make torrents actually registering some traffic much more obvious.

If you only have 3 or 4 torrents loaded at once, it might not be a big deal, but if you have 130 loaded, like me, I'd like to see at a quick glance where the traffic is.

The "-" or a blank field is much easier to skip over and dismiss when skimming the list.

-- Smoovious

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Showing anything but zero for active torrents does not make sense at all. A queued or stopped torrent has no need to show the current throughput. Paused torrents are essentially "active", so showing 0.0 still seems logical.

However, I do agree that a non-numerical character should be in the column when the torrent is queued or stopped, but not paused. Seeing 0.0 in the columns for my queued torrents is a little confusing.

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Developers, PLEASE remove those "0.0 KB/s". I'm BEGGING you !!

This is the ONLY major flaw of utorrent. That annoying "0.0 KB/s" was the ONLY reason I still tried so many torrent clients after using utorrent.

It would be great to show blank space instead of 0.0KB/s, like in "Peers" tab(at "Detailed info"). You could make it optional (if someone likes that 0.0KB/s), but, as we can see in this thread, almost everyone agree to remove those zeros.

p.s. and thank you for this great torrent client. As I said, I tried many clients, but couldn't find a better one :)

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