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Not downloading!!!!


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Wha? (confuzzled)

Do you mean like what I tried, etc. if so:

+ I tried fixing the port

+ I checked the light colour (no light)

+ The port checker says my port is closed

+ Operating system (window XP)

+ Router: Motorola SBG900

+ Connection type: Cable/DSL

+ type of Security software installed: firewall, ant-virus, anti-adware, anti-spyware

Anything else?... (sorry if I seem like a noob)

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Starlife: Some questions you should think about before you go all nuts:

1. Are you able to get any OTHER application to trade the particular torrent in question?

2. Does uTorrent trade torrents other than this one OK?

3. Does the website where you downloaded the torrent indicate that it has any seeds or peers? (Many torrents are "dead", and this may not be immediately obvious from where you found it.)

4. If you highlight the torrent (single-click), then click the General tab (lower-right), are the trackers connected or off-line?

These are all means of zeroing in on whether or not a torrent is bad from the get-go.

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Starlife: Try downloading some other torrents before assuming you have an indigenous problem -- LOTS of torrents are stalled or barely sputtering along. Test one that's well-seeded according to the site you're downloading it from, but at least four months old (avoid any release movies and such; many if not most of these are fakes).

A torrent with no seeds and two peers is either brand-new (and the poster is monkeying around before starting initial-seeding), or old and wheezing its last-gasp.

You didn't say whether the 0-2 was from your uTorrent display or from the torrent's website page.

Did the peers have any percentage, or were they at 0.0 too?

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The 0-2 was from my uTorrent display and there isn't any percentage on the peers, in fact now it says "0(3)" and "0 of 3 connected"...

Also, I don't think the file is bad because I have it going in another torrent client. So maybe it's uTorrent.

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Please post what settings you're using (those shown in Speed Guide (CTRL+G)) as well any advanced settings you've changed from default.

It is possible also that your ISP is (now?) throttling/blocking BitTorrent where it wasn't before.

We need to know the NAMES of the security software you're using, since some of it is downright hostile to BitTorrent traffic and µTorrent in particular.

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If you are connected to the internet through a router you don't even need a software firewall. A virus and spam scanner will suffice. Oh and using a non-Internet explorer engine browser like Firefox and Opera is recommended.

If your PC is connected directly to your modem then a software firewall is a must but I'd recommend Outpost and Comodo above Norton.

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