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bt.connect.speed? What does it do?


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Yeah, I'm wondering what does this do?

I want to tweak utorrent so that it will connect to more peers.


It says: Peers: 1(5) So it can connect to more of them so it can become 3(5) for example.

I'm not good at explaining myself so meh :P.

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Honestly I'm not happy with that answer.

What does a high and low number mean. Are this miliseconds, number of connections per second or what?

What is the effect if I set it lower or higher?

What I found out on my own is that it effects ping time and download speed big time. The lower the number the lower the ping and most likely download speed.

Looks like this setting effect the number of connections per second made by your client.

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bt.connect.speed is the number of outgoing connection ATTEMPTS to make at once PER second.

This defaults to 20 connection attempts per second a pretty high number.

However this can be limited by net.max_halfopen which is set to 8 by default. This means there can only be 8 in-process outgoing TCP connection attempts at a time. BUT if they can complete fast enough up to 20 could be tried in the same second. More often than not though half open connections fail and time out after ~15 seconds.

Now, with uTP connections in uTorrent v1.8.3 and v1.9...bt.connect.speed also counts uTP outgoing connection attempts which are NOT limited by net.max_halfopen! I've seen as many as 200 in-progress uTP connection attempts at once. Such levels will likely CRASH quite a lot of consumer-grade networking hardware, especially USB and wireless connections.

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So what if I posted in a 2 years old thread? Do you want me to make a second one with exactly the same question?

Well. Today I was downloading from newgroups and noticed that the server was somehow lame. It didnt make connection as fast as it usually does, the download speed was still great with 12 connection at 2000kB/s total. But the funny thing was the ping. It was so crazy low 2-4ms all the way around that I couldnt believe my eyes. One hour later the server resumed its normal fast response and ping time jumped all the way up to 70+ms with timeouts now and then. I limited the download speed to the same 2000kB/s I had before and it did not improve my ping time much.

Thats when I tought that maybe utorrent could suffer from the same thing. I guess all depends also on how small the packets are. The bigger the better so less connections are attempted at the same time.

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