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What is the changelog for 1.2.2?


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Fix: Fixed lockup when deleting a torrent.

5 minutes ago >>

step 1: utorrent locks up

step 2: ctrl+alt+del -> end task

step 3: start utorent again

step 4: hey, there's new version

step 5: restart and voila!

Less than minute from bug to fix, that's what I call live bugfixing :)

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May be this is a partial list - since it was posted/announced two days ago for V 1.2.1 build 341 - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2651

so we miss 344-341 = 3 ... => maybe not so much...

--- 2005-11-23: Version 1.2.1 (build 341)

- Feature: Feature to select if DHT should be on/off by default for torrents.

- Feature: Support compact file allocation method.

- Change: Swapped order of Upload/Download in the status bar.

- Change: Fixed problem when seeding from a CD.

- Change: Tweaked peer upload queue size.

- Change: Do not support private=1 in tracker replies.

- Change: Don't scrape stopped torrents.

- Change: Added 10000ms as a refresh interval

- Fix: Refresh window when restoring from minimize

- Fix: Fix problem with Alt-F/O etc not working.

- Fix: bind_ip should affect UPnP too.

- Fix: Don't give read-only errors when seeding a torrent.

- Fix: Color in generals tab didn't work well on dark color schemes.

- Fix: Don't allow adding the same torrent twice (even if the select directory window is open).

- Fix: didn't work in ipblocking.

- Fix: Don't show "do you want to remove..." unless something is selected.

- Fix: Disconnect ALL seeds when becoming a seed.

- Fix: Bug in Seed ETA computation.

- Fix: Don't make multiannounce torrents if only a single tracker is entered.

- Fix: Display bug if sending/receiving >2MB/s


+ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2741 for 1.2.2 smiley20.gif

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