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Better encryption


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I tested all the 1.8 alpha versions that has been released.

Glad to report that starting from Version 1.8 alpha (build 7435) my speeds are up to normal levels again.

I tested on well seeded public and private trackers and here are my download speed findings:-

Version 1.8 alpha (build 7435 and later) and Deluge 0.5.8


130 - 150 KB/s (maxed my line)

UT 1.7.x and 1.8 alphas up to build 7398


0-10 KB/s (throttled by ISP)

In both cases my uTorrent encryption settings were Outgoing Enabled and "Allow incoming legacy connections" checked.

I also used Outgoing Forced and "incoming legacy" disabled but it didn't make any difference in both cases.

To the developers - whatever you did to make this work, thanks!!

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If there's anyone out there willing to help - we (Azureus devs) worked with alus to see what Deluge was doing differently to avoid being throttled... we've made changes as well, but we don't have anyone to test with. So if there's anyone who belongs to one of the affected ISPs, and they're willing to spend a few minutes helping us test our changes, that'd be appreciated. :)

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Az and uT devs working together for the common good of both communities.

And not for the first time either...

2007-11-13: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6104)

Feature: Improved hashfail banning system (special thanks to the Azureus devs for describing their method)

:) Never been a fan of the whole fanboy thing. We get on well with those involved with uTorrent (Firon helped me test things out when trying to help me get peer exchange working in Azureus)... as well as those involved on Transmission... and the author of the libtorrent library... we're one big happy family really. ;)

shearerc - I'll send you a PM, thanks.

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brownage - e-mail coming your way.

We've already had confirmation from shearerc that our changes seem to work - not particularly useful to most of you given that you use uTorrent, but I still thought you might like to be informed. :)

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I was in vacation and only today I done some test with the beta versions.

So far the downloads is a LOT faster than before, 70~150kBps vs 30kBps. I will make some test to see if i can get 270kBps between 8AM to 8PM (the time that my ISP apply traffic shaping)

Thanks for the changes, it make this client better and better.

Test with beta 7367.

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Hello everyone. Been away for a while and now i'm back. Since this thread was started by me, I'd like to say that the new utorrent alpha release maxs out my 16Mb/s connection. Congratulations to all Devs. My ISP is NETCABO from Portugal.

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hey wingo i was wondering. what settings are you using for deluge?? what ports are you listening to?? did you just use the autmatic settings suggested by deluge or you configured it?? if so what did you configure and what do you have a port forwarded on it and what port are you listening to. sorry if questions sound stupid.im curious as to why you are getting such speeds with deluge and not utorrent. thanks in advance

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