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Kind of disappointed


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hey guys, i just read this in a forum and i was thinking about it.

then i realised, and wanted to ask, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

"Hey all, the last few weeks have seen some interesting developements in the torrent world. The BitTorrent company, who now cooperates with various anti-piracy groups, teamed up with the uTorrent client. Also, a website, everlasting.nu was recently shut down by a Dutch court. This is big news since this website uses the same ISP as other sites like Demonoid and TorrentSpy. For now, Demonoid is okay. But TorrentSpy has also recently began cooperating with anti-piracy groups. This means:

Update: TorrentSpy is now safe because they abandoned their hash-tracking. However, users from the USA will be blocked from accessing their website since that is the way they are circumventing their Court orders.

This list is constantly updated. No need to read all the replies.

Don't use the following clients anymore:

- BitTorrent

- uTorrent

Don't use the following websites anymore:

- BitTorrent.com

We recommend the following clients:

- BitComet (for newbies, or anyone)

- Azureus (for advanced users - it's Java-based)

The ****** will update this post as we continue to confirm more clients and websites that are getting crappy or unsafe to use. Thanks for all your support. Please realize that ******* only encourages DVDRips sharing because we believe it can be justified legally as "sharing a DVD" with online neighbors. This website is maintained by many different users around the globe, and we are very thankful for all the work done behind the scenes (no pun intended)."

if this is true, it's a sad day for me, coz i really love (or loved) uTorrent.

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Don't feel sad for µTorrent...feel sad for that website!

What it suggests you trust is unworthy (IMO!) of such.

For example... "BitComet is Evil":


...from BitComet forums point of view too:


Creepy Copyright bug?:


I'm not 100% sure about Azureus either. One "buggy" version of Azureus Vuze had a problem similar to BitComet in that for awhile at least it was "phoning home" something.

The only reports of µTorrent "phoning home" much of anything has been debunked.

I know which one I trust for now, but will be keeping an eye on changes...

So as long as you're NOT running the latest beta or alpha of µTorrent and others have done some serious testing on it, what's there not to trust?

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Hahah, rolling over the floor laughing my ass off.

Again some people acting all important and knowing while if you read carefully it becomes apparent they actually having NO idea what they are talking about...

"various anti-piracy groups" Who?!?!

"abandoned their hash-tracking" What?!?!

"for advanced users - it's Java-based" Eh... logic?!?! What does the language it was written in have to do with user friendliness?!?!

"it can be justified legally (...)" right... very naive approach... because the main justification of 'neighbor' sharing is the minor damage (with secondary justification being that it can't be stopped anyway). While BitTorrent is probably a lot more damaging for DVD sales and the MPAA IS trying to stop it

And besides... µTorrent has been owned (yes it was bought! no 'teamed up' crap...) by BitTorrent inc. for almost a year. And so far I've only seen good things.

* More active development:

* New innovative features.

* Not a single crappy or untrustworthy addition to the program.

* Developers active on these forums and responding to feedback from the users.

The only incident in those 11 months is two bugs which resulted in misreporting stats to trackers for large torrents and not disabling LPD for private flagged torrents. It caused a few bannings on private trackers but both were fixed in a very short period (less then a week if I recall correctly) and the bannings were all lifted shortly after (at least by trackers who matter and aren't technologically stupid).

Luckily we haven't seen FUD in a while so I can laugh about it again.

P.S. My opinion about BitComet becomes clear in the BitComet is evil topic and the related topic on the BitComet forum so I didn't go into that again. But it might be clear I wouldn't recommend BitComet to anyone! And anyone who does is gonna have a though job convincing me he researched it properly (or at all).

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