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strange client !!


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No way I can hold back from commenting on this - I didn't spend an obscene amount of time improving the client identification code in Azureus without learning a few things. :)

My guess is - there's a buglet in UT 1.5 and 1.6 where the client name transmitted in the extended protocol handshake (you know the one - the one causing the buffer overflow crash) isn't properly Unicode encoded like it should be, and just falls back on using some default encoding. If Azureus and UT just used displayed the name in the format it was transmitted, it would probably display a square bracket rather than the µ symbol.

So - I think that although UT doesn't really think that it is another UT client (and even if it does, the version number doesn't make it perform a "fake" check), it's probably applying the hack to deal with the square bracket character and putting a µ character - which is fine for older clients, but isn't appropriate for non-UT clients. :)

The peer ID doesn't say it is a UT client either (though that isn't obvious from the screenshot). I've seen a few of these peers around - but I still have no idea what client it is, other than the few times I've seen them, the peers seem to be from Israel...

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