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Reduce your number of connections for better speed


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What he said, your mileage may vary.

It depends on the torrent, it depends on your upload capacity, it depends on utorrent settings, it depends on other peers' settings and upload speed, it depends on the number of seeds/peers in the swarm, it depends on latency between peers, etc.

I have 6.5mbDOWN/900kbUP, I set upload slots 10-16, max peers 250-500, upload speed 70kB/s. I get a consistent minimum 70kB/s down because of tit-for-tat from the upload slots. I get more than 70kB/s from all the other seeds/peers. When I'm connected to 100 of each, I get anywhere between 70kB/s and 350kB/s, depending on all the other variables.

When you set 20 connections, you got more download speed for your connection because it cannot support many connections AND upload data simultaneously. Also because at least one peer you were connected to had a high upload limit. Let me explain.

Upload bandwidth is required to download data. Every time you request for more data, you send a request through your upload connection, you use upload bandwidth that you cannot use for data. Every time you send ACKs (acknowledge that you got the data), you use upload bandwidth that you cannot use for data. Upload bandwidth is also required to request for more connections. Every time you send requests for more connections you use upload bandwidth that you cannot use for data.

There must be enough upload bandwidth left to send TCP traffic, otherwise you can't upload data and can't download data either. Not as fast anyway.

In the case of a slower connection like yours, less is more. In the case of a fast connection like mine, more is more. But, it's all relative to all the other variables.


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i have mine set at 9999 a torrent, 99999 global. lmao. but i dont notice any slowdowns??

You should have your spleen ripped from your body while you're still awake.


Implementer's Note: Even 30 peers is plenty, the official client in fact only actively forms new connections if it has less than 30 peers and will refuse connections if it has 55. This value is crucial to performance. When a new piece has completed download, HAVE messages (see below) will need to be sent to most active peers. As a result the cost of broadcast traffic grows in direct proportion to the number of peers. Above 25, new peers are highly unlikely to increase download speed. UI designers are strongly advised to make this obscure and hard to change as it is very rare to be useful to do so.
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Azureus recommends something much higher than 30 or 55 even.... but I think 55 is probably a nice number. Using anything over 150 peers per torrent is just counterproductive.

I've been swapping my settings a lot to see how they work but I seem to get equal performance:

30 peers / 150 global

115 peers / 384 global

55 peers / 225 global

I don't see much difference. I always use 4 upload slots, my upstream stays at 38kBps, and I'm on a 384kbit upstream connection.

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I am all new to this. I notice that uploads are going 10 times faster than download and I checked my settings and global maximum upload and dowload rates both are set to 0. I saw the dowload speed fluctuate between between 1.15kB/s to 10.00kB/s while upload speed ranged from 6.0 kB/s to 76 kB/s.

What is going on?? How can I get my download faster?? and what is being uploaded on the same torrent that is 206MB but downloaded is only 76MB?? I am confused!

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I can do 384k up on my ADSL, so I have it set to 30kB in Utorrent.

I have my download set to 0, for max, which should be around 1.5m (196kB max)

I leave all the other settings in Utorrent to default, like:



Global Maximum Number of Connections = 200

Maximum Number of Connected Peers Per Torrent = 50

Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent = 4

Use Additional Upload SLots If Upload Speed < 90% = CHECKED



Maximum Number of Active Torrents (upload or download) = 8

Maximum Number of Active Downloads = 5



Enable Scraping = CHECKED

Pre-allocate Disk Space = UNCHECKED


Enable DHT For New Torrents = CHECKED

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