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Yeah... you know, I never knew there was a whole community actively developing 3rd-party firmwares. This is a good thing, and I feel that other devices should also be able to be modded like this. Then you could get a whole different experience (hopefully for the better) with for instance, a DVD+/-R(W). :)

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The active open-source firmware community around the 54G/GS/GL was the main reason I switched to a 54GS from my old Microsoft MN-700. Sure, it was a MS product, but it actually worked great up until it died on me. I scoured stores to find one of the few remaining 54GS v3s (the last model with 16MB RAM), put DD-WRT on it and haven't looked back since.

Now that I know about this connections-open-for-5-days issue, it makes me glad I switched. It also explains the occasional 54G problems I've been seeing in my work that have so far gone unexplained.

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Heh... I kinda knew about this inherit problems with BitTorrent and the Linksys wireless routers for a while... especially after getting it. And yeah, having a Linux firmware is also a reason for me to switch. But my incentive for switching to a Linksys router was due to the fact that my pathetic Belkin 11g router can't handle being online 24/7 (it'd either lock up or becomes slowed down for some unknown reason). At least with the Linksys firmware and the community around it, we all have some method or form of diagnosing the problem and come up with a proper workaround or solution to it. So far, so good, my 54G has been up 40+ days. Wireless has been working great and the damn Belkin brick got its use as a secondary WAP (which, I might add, has no problem running 24/7 as that).

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It's not just BitTorrent, it's P2P in general. In fact, it happens with ANYTHING that uses a lot of connections. DWKnight had problems since he ran a tracker on his, and after putting in the start-up script into the firmware, it worked great. :P

Anyway, since there's SO many of these routers about, I thought it warranted making a sticky and mention in the FAQ, considering the severe problems the default firmware causes.

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Please help, I need more direction.

My WinXP network connection is set to a static ip.

The router is set to Static also but the numbers

don't jive with my network connection. Need I be concerned?

I am able to switch the router between DCHP and Static

without dropping the connection, Normal?

I'm using the WRT54GS v2 model.

Now running firmware v4.70.6 HyperWRT 2.1b1 Thibor Nov 18/05.

with the startup script installed!

Do I keep updating and when I go to the HyperWRT link within the above sticky.

Should I continually get the most up-to-date (very bottom file)

OR perhaps another.

I'm just a bit confused :) .

Thanks for any advice,


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Thanks, Firon.

Could someone please let me know about the firmware updating.

Is it best to leave it alone if it works, or is it better going to get

the most recent hyperwrt on a regular basis.

Should I always use the very bottom file or is it more complicated than that.


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I went and got newer FW.

Working real well so far.

Because of my older system setup, I'm really

not expecting lightening quick speeds.

It seems to really depend on the torrent itself.

I'll do some more reading up on it.

Thanks for your help, Firon.

Happy New Year !!!!

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I had a WRT54G before for like I dunno Im guessing for 2 years and I never needed to reboot it. See I would do this but I dont seem to have a problem unless you guys like tell me a reason. Like whats the difference if it slows down? At least my uploading and downloading speeds are fine right?

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If it's holding up fine with the default firmware then it means you're not stressing it enough. :P That's OK though...at least you have a trouble-free router, unlike many here... :/

Well I mean like was that a joke about stressing it enough? I download alot and shit... so I mean I think I do otherwise if that was a joke lol. But Im I think mines fine. I mean I get the same download and uploading speeds if I didnt have my router hooked up and going through the modem.

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