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New Version 1.4 Speed Issue


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Thought I'd post this here as I rec'd no immediate response over on the new version announcement thread.

Have tried the "Speed Guide" feature, but am not really seeing the improvement. My old settings of 8 active torrents / 7 DL (max 30 connections per) got me DL speeds in the range of 150K-250K typically, but with the recommended 3 active /2 DL (max 80 connections per) I'm seeing maybe 60-90K. Granted for two torrents that's pretty reasonable, I suppose, but certainly not more efficient overall. My (crappy) ISP is Comcast and I appear to have something like 4Mbps/384Kbps. My old settings came about after much testing.

I used to use BitLord and get as high as 400K DL, but stopped when I read of BitComet's cheating - BL was supposedly an offshoot of BC (which I've never used) and there seemed to be some question about BL's fairness as well. While I of course would like to get the things I want as quickly as possible, I try to respect the community, too. I don't mind not getting speeds quite as high as I used to under BL in order to ensure fairness, but at the same time I don't want to have to wait 10x longer to get what I am after.

Suggestions? (Non-flame) Comments?


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out of curiosity switch back to bitlord and look for peers who are seeding you a lot. note their ip and the number of requests you make.

then go back to utorrent and find those peers. are the requests still the same?

i find that utorrent really likes the magic number 2. bitcomet starts at 5 and incrementally goes up accordingly to available bandwith whereas rarely for me will utorrent go beyond a 2. sometimes i get lucky and find someone with 50+.

anyway, great client nonetheless. props to ludde

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dznutz, the numbers you refer to is the minimum amount of data to request. These parameters can normally be changed within the original BT client but not within uTorrent. I requested such a feature but haven't gotten a proper response yet.

For the BitTorrent client, these settings are named:

--download_slice_size <arg>

How many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384)

--max_slice_length <arg>

maximum length slice to send to peers, larger requests are ignored (defaults to 131072)

Faster connections would benefit from higher values, obviously.

Post your thoughts here for this specific feature:



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You don't need to use the speed guide, you can use your own settings if you want... :/

Ya, I did that, but after giving it another several hours it seems v1.4's speed limiter is hard-coded to a 3:1 ratio - I couldn't get above the 90K I mentioned, and in fact the average throughput dropped to 40-70K. I'm back on v1.3x until this is resolved.

This is indeed a nice client (been using it a couple of months now), but I'm not sure I like the direction Ludde's starting to go in - I can understand his intentions, but the introduction of these new built-in limitations seem a bit too inflexible and heavy-handed for my tastes...

dznutz - that's more hassle than I have time to bother with, sorry. I just wanted a nice, light-weight client that was easy to use and did what it was supposed to do (which is why I chose µTorrent after I found out about the BC controversy). I guess I may have to go searching about again if Ludde continues the Big Brother-style tactics of handling things. I feel that I am once again being reminded of why open source is a "good thing" .

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the speed limiter ONLY applies to upload caps of 1-5, you guys don't seem to get this.

@Firon, I've just noticed something - it seems to me that the upload limiter does not work at all above the "famous" 6 !!!!! 5 works .

The setup:

V 1.4, Win98SE, one "active" torrent DLing with a limit of 6. Reference tool - DU meter. I might post this in the V1.4 thread with a screen-shot .

Can someone else confirm this with another reference tool . Maybe my DU meter is not setup correctly.

Side effects: all other Internet activities are VERY slow or with timeouts !!!


DHT - was Enabled

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SanctimoniousApe: my upload cap is usually 39 when downloading (sometimes I drop it to 30), and I haven't been getting speeds below 350 KB/s.

rafi: DHT on? 'Cause I capped mine to 6 and it stuck to the value pretty well. cFosSpeed showed slightly higher values sometimes but that's because it includes TCP overhead.

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Out of curiousity, what are your other settings (max peers/torrent, UL slots/torrent, max active torrents, max DL torrents, global max DL rate, etc.)?

According to my calcs, 38K is probably the highest I could go ((384Kbps / 8 (bits in a Byte)) * 0.8 (subtract 20% for TCP/IP overhead) = 38.4KBps -- gee I coulda just divided by 10...) although even at 35Kbps (which was set by the new "Speed Guide") there is a very noticeable slow-down when browsing, so I drop it further at those times.

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75, 4, 3, 3, 0 (I usually only run 1 torrent at a time but I have a few torrents that have very few/no leechers so I run them all at once).

Anyway, run the speed test and see what speeds you actually get, then set your upload cap accordingly. Many ISPs advertise a certain amount but in reality you don't even get close, even with TCP overhead.

The tcp overhead is supposed to be ~13%, but the values seem really wrong in my experience (too high). Namely because my upload cap is 463051 bits, which translates to 56.5 KB/s, so if the overhead really was 13%, my max upload rate would be 49, which is a few KB too low.

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My most populated of the active DLs at this moment (Peak overall DL at the moment is 82K - yuck):

Seeds: 8(21) Peers: 54(119) DL: 28.9 UL: 9.4

The others, though less populated, all seem to be limited to the 3:1 ratio or less (less being more often the case) -- only occassionally and only very briefly does it spike significantly above the 3:1 ratio.

It occurred to me to mention that I have ipfilter enabled with ~88K entries exported from PeerGuardian (which I also have running, because I know of no automated way to update the ipfilter.dat file like PG updates itself).

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Well, about the time I posted previously, I upped the active DLs to 5 to include one I knew had more participation and still the same pattern persists (although I'll give it more than just an hour before writing it off, I honestly don't expect much difference).

Seeds: 13(262) Peers: 57(805) DL: 17.9 UL: 7.0

While writing this, the DL has fluctuated between ~8K and ~22K while the UL has remained within about 1K or so of 7K.

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