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µtorrent kills the internet connection


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Hi all.

I have read it in several forums, and I wonder why no-one has ever brought it to your attention:

µtorrent works fine for about 10 minutes, then it kills the entire internet connection for all devices for about 1 minute. Within this minute you'll get disconnected from IRC, Messenger etc. and of course, surfing is not possible.

Then everything gets back to normal again for about 10 minutes.

My settings: Speed Guide -> xx/384, although I do have 512KBit/s upload capacity.

I have tried down to xx/128, without any benefit.

I'm on a ZyXel ZyAir G-2000 router, 8 static IPs, routed.

System: WindowsXP SP2, UNMODIFIED TCPIP.SYS, latest updates.

Windows firewall activated and µtorrent is allowed.

Actually it does not make a difference whether I deactivate ot.

Under Preferences/Torrents/Other Settings I have everything checked except append .!ut to incomplete files.

No other settings were altered.

I'm using utorrent stable 1.5 build 437

Please, take this bugreport serious, as this is really a bug and not some faulty settings.

I have made a picture of the utorrent speed barometer as proof:


Best regards

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It was brought to our attention several times, however you seem to lack searching skills, otherwise you'd have found plenty of threads discussing this problem. B.t.w, it's not a bug, your router sucks, because if it didn't suck, you wouldn't be disconnected every time.... :/

Turn off DHT, upgrade your modem/router to the latest firmware version, lower your Global maximum number of connections, if you're using UPnP, try port forwarding manually etc. etc. etc.

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Then I have good news for you:

It's a BRAND NEW router, I'm not on NAT, I'm ***ROUTED*** with STATIC IPS!!!!


And the REASON why it's a BRAND NEW router is that I INITIALLY thought it's my router's fault.

Which it isn't!

We checked even with our ISP!

The better thing is:

I have also tested this with another Network, with a CISCO Router (Also BRAND-NEW), ROUTED (NO NAT!!!!) and it ALSO kills the connection there.

So please tell me that Cisco Routers also suck.

So I would really recommend to take this bugreport serious and move it back to bugreports IF you want to help.

I have deactivated ALL settings under Preferences/Torrents/Other Settings except pre-allocate all files.

I am willing to give you access to my router even to check this incident.

Best Regards

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Then it must be something else, but it's not a bug, or else, everyone would be disconnected, which, AFAIAA, is far from the truth. B.t.w., saying that something is *brand new* doesn't mean squat. D-Links are new too, but they suck harder than Pamela Anderson on a full dose of Intrinsa. :/ What matters is whether they can handle the strain that BitTorrent puts on them.

Have you done what I told you in the above post? In addition, patch your TCPIP.sys file. :)

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I have done everything that matched my configuration, that is deactivated DHT in all ways, deactivated peer exchange etc etc.

I do not change values manually, but rather let the speed guide selection do it's magic.

And as I've told, lowering it to xx/128 even didn't do the trick.

And it can't be Torrent alone, why does Azureus then work?

It's just that it sucks too much performance that I simply can't use it.

And on the last topic, no I will not patch my TCPIP.SYS.

If that is all I have to do for getting µtorrent to work, I'd rather forget about Torrents then.

But as I said, other Torrent programs work flawlessly, except, they are not as slim as µtorrent.

Also, I can't believe that oh-so-many routers seem to suck, really.

Thanks for your effort

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FWIW, since µTorrent changed to a new method of connecting to peers (round-robin) instead of the 50-50 method used previously, people have reported similar connectivity issues. It appears many modems/routers can't handle the new method and time out, drop connections etc. At least, that's what I see that could be a possible cause. Since there's no way to return to the old method, if µTorrent doesn't work out for you...then I'm afraid there's not much we can do. I presume you have all the latest motherboard/ethernet drivers installed? Other than that, I'm out of suggestions, unfortunately. :(

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I've got the exact same problem the last two days after going from v.1.4 to 1.5. All my settings are the same: port-forwarded, no DHT, no PnP. My internet connection keeps shutting down XP says network cable unplugged then a couple of minutes later reconnects. I use a Westell Versalink 327W. Never had a problem with previous versions of µtorrent or my IP. I've looked at general, network and torrent settings and they seem correct. I think this might be a genuine bug.

I've deleted my original v.1.4; does the available for download v.1.4.2 use this round robin connection system? It seems to have an updated interface compared to the v.1.4 that I was using. I'm going to give it a try for a few days and see what happens.

Thanks for keeping an open mind.

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It's difficult to keep an open mind when SO MANY ROUTERS SUCK. Seriously, I've not seen a single consumer-grade router that doesn't crash with heaps of connections. Routers just can't handle BT very well, so if you have dropouts, I'd advise you to limit the number of connections in µT.

Limit it really low, like 20 or something - this will give you crap download speed, but if the problem stops occurring, you know it's because of the router, and you can increase the max number of connections until you don't have any more problems.

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Most consumer routers aren't very good, basically all of 'em have some kind of issue.

Surprisingly, a lot of network adapters have issues too. Especially USB wifi junk, and USB modems. Those are the absolute worst things ever.

oh and The_Adventurer, there's a lot of bad zyxels out there :> new means nothing. anyway, could be yer modem.

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I'm glad i'm not the only one trying v1.5 the pretty graffix aren't worth upgrading - my download speeds seemed to get worse- but now I understand.. *read the rules*

Good proggy though, thanks L* :) i love the queue seed/torrent feature.. dumped bittornado for it and memory usage..

-Edit- Back to v1.4 - So much better :) Blame my router, ethernet, or wtfever.. x64 did the same thing.. I really like the software L* :) the admins in the forum seem to be..good aol tech support..i'll shut up now.. a Linux version would be nice.:).. :)

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And if i got the same problem as you are talking about,BUT i dont have a Router?Then what is causing the EATING on the internet-connection?I got 8mb/s broadband,as they call it in sweden.I got the exactly same problems as the poster on the very top of this forum "connection down for about 10min etc"

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