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Windows help file repo


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Hello. This post is for everyone who is tired of the utorrent help files not being up-to-date.

I've just uploaded the help file sources to a public repo on github.


If there's anything that bugs you in the help file, *you* now have the power to change it.

* Install cygwin

* Pull this repo: https://github.com/bittorrent/utorrent_help

* Put [ 7z.exe 7z.dll hhc.exe ] into the utorrent_help directory

* Send me a pull request with your changes

That's it!

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Apologies, I never did bother to come up with a proper build process for the thing. Always compiled the thing manually with *gasp* the HTML Help Workshop GUI!

Batch may be horrible, but it has no dependencies! I can't imagine a build script for this file requiring anything sophisticated enough that something as heavy as cygwin is a must, but to each their own :)

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My uTorrent >Upgrade, Speed-up & other 'Best Practice' Tips<

My v3.x quick-fix >"Best Practice" settings.dat file< (^ see tip #O)

My updated >v3.2.x help file< (^ tip #1)

My v2.x-style v3.x >color's scheme< (^ tip #K)

>v3.2.x help file<

Thanks for your time and effort!

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I expect nothing less than *fully*... ;)
your help file link says: "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. "

Seems fine from here, probably some Mediafire think. I've hosted it in another location just to make sure...

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