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µTorrent 1.5.1 beta 466


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Ironically when i limit my upload to about 10% less than its maximum my download speed increases to its maximum...... o no thats the way it's meant to work.... :)

The only thing i have found with 6 RC1 is that the speed in the bottom bar and the speed on the torrent itself are not identical (when running only 1 torrent - havn't checked with more than).

I'm not sure if this was teh same in previous versions - i only noticed it because i was testing out my new 4MB cable broardband for maximum speeds.


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No i upload at 45kb/s ish! (or at least thats the limit - its still relatively untested but that seems to be a good limit.

But when downloading i'm still testing its capacity - its at around 30kb/s atm but i'm sure it needs a bit more tweaking. Though getting speeds of 350kb/s and averages of 200kbs - i'm not complaining!

I disable DHT wherever and whenever i see it. as you can tell - not a fan!

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What I did was limit the global max upload rate to 5. This caused utorrent to say "Download limited" next to the DHT status. Now I changed it to 6, and the "Download limited" message went away and the download rate went back to normal. I also found this to occur in the stable release. Sorry for not taking more time to experiment. It isn't a problem for me anymore.

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I have the ability to download with a max of 300kB/s down and 50kB/s up. I got 210 kB/s down with 45 kB/s up. Which is fine with me. Above all I truely hate leechers a lot, the only thing the website/owner ask is to help sharing, you only need to run the program. So I'm not fan to see here caps at 5kB/s.

What Firon says is true.

Use 70-80% of your max upload. ...

I would love to see µTorrent limits the connection speed at 70% of your max upload speed. I knew there was a leecher limit, but 6 times your download speed (as Nefarious says) is too small. Wouldn't you hate to download only 5kB/s from each peer? That would be the end of bittorrent, so what you don't want, don't do yourself.

I might be to good for this world.

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