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  1. 1.5 didnt disregard up/dl limits.. and 1.6 scales it too if u set the speed resolution to 1 second and "show upload & download" u will get the same thing as in 1.5
  2. if it seems to be, then it is.. small bugs are fixed all the time, without reporting to the changelog.. that's not BitComet where they fix only small bugs to fill their changelog with..
  3. no bug? yeah, right.. ofc there are bugs.. check the Found Bugs section..
  4. i agree it should be optional..
  5. haha absolutely not! why should they be resolved if i dont look at them? i have a lot of torrents with a lot of peers connected to me.. why would it need to resolve all those ips (hundrets) if i'm not gonna see 90-100% of them.. and the resolving works fast.. it resolved 20 ips in 1-2 seconds.. it's not that slow.
  6. i didnt know that u got an error if there were no peers
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  8. the only thing i need is some caching improvements.. it should go around windows' system cache just like bitcomet does.. that will make it the real lightweight client.. i have to use cache boost to prevent windows from draining all my available memory with its cache
  9. devs? what devs? that happened to me before.. never payed so much attention to report it.. it's annoying though another thing which i reported on IRC - the source field in the Create New Torrent dialog is too short and if the path is long the text is cutted off
  10. i'm against new useless options added to the context menu
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    orlandonet.net|BG asparuhovo.net|BG rimex-ltd.com|BG
  12. build 460 released.. - Fix: Speed in title option had the wrong multiplier
  13. wormhole, that's already reported, ludde said he'll work on it.. i'm almost sure that he fixed it a minute after i reported it.. all u have to do is wait for the new beta.. it's just a visual glitch, not a big deal Snapphane, if u disable it finished pieces wont be written immediately (lol that's obvious), if something happens u may lose some data (we got powercuts at least once a week in my town - i'd better not risk losing precious pieces )
  14. i'm glad u're staying away too.. fuck off now, idiot..
  15. if it was released 1-2 days earlier i would have been able to test it as it should (remotely).. i'm not at home right now and i can't persist as i can't install it from here in a couple of days i'd be able to persist so count me in (i guess Tuesday, Wednesday)
  16. i use X Codec Pack v2 now and it's just perfect.. everything works fine and unattened installation is possible
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    it's not just that they look wavy.. their colors are better.. the current ones are pale some of Mugros's flags are better..