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  1. Probably cos they have like one guy that codes uTorrent and he switches between adding bugs to developing the alpha version and the beta versions whenever he's let out. So it's almost a year later, still waiting for new features and a slim client. Ho hum.
  2. Holed up creating more bugs, wonder how long the fix list will be this time?
  3. I hope 3.4 comes out before the end of the year.. The development of this program is slugglish to say the least, can't believe I have to wait years for any sort of significant upgrade. Searching within Torrents? Auto moving of torrents to directory if the label gets updated? I'm disappointed with how long it takes to get new features.
  4. SNAP. C'mon Ciaobaby you know this carousel..
  5. Looking forward to 3.3.2!
  6. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=131268&p=18 Seems no one care. They've hit RC, so they'll probably rush to release a final without fixing a whole lot of stuff.. it's the way it always works here.
  7. Just with it timing out. I've just now had uT time out on me trying to use the Get File function, so that rules out the low CPU setting I guess. We'll see how 3.3.1 fares when it's released.
  8. Does it happen with 3.3.1 too? Will know once it's released and my trackers have approved it. Haven't had any issues yet with 3.3 having disabled low CPU, but we'll see.. I'm fairly certain I didn't have low CPU set when I first tried 3.3 and had connecting issues.
  9. Can we please get the webui to refresh more promptly? If I select a file priority to not download it doesn't refresh immediately, I have to select another torrent and then switch back to see the data refreshed on screen. Also having a tracker column in the webui would be nice. Am tired of right clicking and checking the properties to look.
  10. Went back to 3.2.3 to test the WebUI lagging I was having in 3.3, have upgraded to 3.3 again and have just had it fail to connect to the WebUI. I selected files to not download and it wasn't updating and then timed out. I've had zero issues with 3.2.3. This is running on a atom N455 on 7 starter with 1GB RAM. I do have the low CPU option enabled if that matters any.. Anyone else use the WebUI and having any similar issues? I'll disable the low CPU setting and see what happens..
  11. Does anyone else download partially from a torrent and dislikes having the contents moved to the "completed" folder? I was thinking having files that aren't being downloaded as of yet to able to be listed as scheduled or queued so that the torrent didn't complete until all of those files are completed.
  12. Well they ARE options and they are the only ones available.. problematic stable builds are nothing new here.
  13. Has anyone else experienced issues with the Webui with 3.3 (maybe while downloading multiple torrents at once?) I've had it unable to refresh and it's even timed out at which point I have to refresh/reload the page. Also I've had the Webui up and selected files to not download and it didn't take.. it's like there's a massive lag with sending info to the client. I tried it multiple times and had to make a remote connection and change it that way, I've never once experienced any issues with it before upgrading so I guess I'll revert to 3.2.3 and see if the issues disappear.
  14. 'safe' as in????? He means does it actually work without breaking something. There is that upload limiter issue Rafi posted about.. 3.4 isn't going to break your computer and there doesn't seem to be any major bugs.. Give it a shot.
  15. He's just acting the somewhat moderator (I guess that's basically his self appointed role) so as such I kinda expect those posts from him. There's certainly no harm in making requests again, especially when nobody is actually responding to them, so it really is the more the merrier to a point.
  16. Get into a "stable" release?!?! You didn't try adding a magnet torrent before releasing? I've mentioned it multiple times here and on other forums, I think they do almost zero testing in house. Some sites don't have faith that stable means stable when it comes to uTorrent, as such it can undergo testing by tracker staff until being deemed stable where as other clients may just get auto accepted. This saga has been going on ever since 3.0 came out. AdamK said things might get better, but I wonder if auto updates are really just going to mask the bad coding practices. It's been two years now, and while 3.3 now looks to be a fairly solid release thanks to multiple new builds, I have yet to see any improvements made to the way the staff codes and tests their product.
  17. Then I shall be cautiously optimistic also. I hope you guys can define stable as being truly stable in future builds and win back some community favor.
  18. Where people can learn to read three posts up and see it's already been posted about enough times that staff are aware of the issue and are attempting to fix it Come on' date=' we all aren't computer genius's so cut us some slack. [/quote'] It doesn't take a genius to do what I suggested, you're inventing excuses for an individual's unwillingness to take a simple step to solve something themselves. It's not rocket science, it's knowing how to find information (which is terribly simple these days) In this particular case it was as simple as clicking the previous page. Education > ignorance. No issues with build 29462 so far, looking good.
  19. I had no issue either, I think you might have missed one of the options. You could always reinstall your old version and try reinstalling again and making 100% sure you untick all the options and report back.
  20. Where people who have problems get help from others. Where people can learn to read three posts up and see it's already been posted about enough times that staff are aware of the issue and are attempting to fix it Read a few more posts up and there's a solution (revert to the previous build) which I myself posted. You can learn all this by actually understanding what a forum is and actually spending two seconds to open your eyes and engage your brain. Cool stuff, will give it another shot.
  21. This isn't Yahoo! Answers. Open your eyes, this is a forum.
  22. Latest stable version is not stable. Roll back to 3.3 29333 or 3.2.3 (Google them)
  23. The amount of new introduced issues in each new build seems to rival the amount of issues fixed. Have you guys considered changing the way you release and test? I can't be the only one thinking there is massive room for improvement here.
  24. Thought I'd give this a shot, I grabbed the latest 3.3 "stable" and added a couple of torrents, both sat there frozen on 0% checked and hadn't downloaded a thing even hours later. Reverted back to 3.2.3 started the torrents, they checked 0% for a second then started downloading fine. Pretty disappointing that it's come this far with patches and is bugged so bad it won't even download properly. That's the main function of this program borked in a stable release.
  25. Click through once and they go away. Actually surprised Osmosis didn't know that.... you been here how long?