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DEVS are not giving any updates or news on so called "Maintenance" we where patient, tried to communicate and solve problems, but it seems they dont give a damn :) dont get me wrong i love blockchain tech, but with all this noncence are ripping my MONEY off. 

IMAGES attached shows that i suppose to earn more that 10k btts and guess what ? I barely got 3k and if thats not enouf nearly 3k just magicaly disapiered while transffering from app to chain. 







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3 hours ago, zrang said:

It is too late to update BTT transfer system..... I'm very frustrated. because Price of BTT is very down -40%................ many seeders are very frustrated

Same here man, seems they care more about investors on trading platforms than actual people that seed and keep this blockchain alive. VERY disappointed in BTT staff with all this bs..

1/10 would not recommend this chain to my fellow tech friends.

Hoping to get all my coins out as soon as it fixed and leave this platform for good.


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41 minutes ago, TSmith548 said:

When you tie your brandname with Netflix, Google, Twitter or Facebook...I can't even begin to imagine a 192 hours+ maintenance at said companies, directly affecting their users...

They simply are screwing us over :)

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2 hours ago, Anarseo said:

Exchange is still down but the page upgraded from UI 1.9.4 to UI 1.9.5
don't know if you guys noticed

Just notice that.... looks nicer..... hope the updates to the system will fix the issues... and the exchange gateway will get back up

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The Exchange service has been down for several days for maintenance and updates. We are still testing the upgraded version of the Exchange to help our users solve existing transfer issues. Thank you for your patience!

When the Exchange is down, a submitted transaction may stick for a couple of days and then return to the Speed's balance.

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