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µTorrent 1.2


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The long awaited 1.2 is here. Along with a slew of improvements, the most notable new feature is Mainline compatible DHT (Trackerless) support. The version was bumped from to 1.2 due to the significance of the changes. Note however that Unicode is not yet supported, but it will be available soon. Also, the changes for the unofficial 1.1.8.RC1 version are listed below. You can get it from the download section.

--- 2005-11-09: Version 1.2 (build 328)

- Feature: Remember last tracker url in create tracker window

- Fix: Move completed job was buggy

- Fix: Create multifile torrent was buggy

--- 2005-11-09: Version 1.2 (build 326)

- Feature: Mainline compatible DHT

- Feature: Show tracker url in list.

- Feature: Configurable flags (flags.conf / flags.bmp)

- Feature: Resolve countries using ip->country online database.

- Feature: Autodetect write queue size.

- Feature: Ability to relocate torrents.

- Feature: Show amount of waste bytes.

- Feature: Ability to specify directory where to save with the /directory command line option.

- Feature: Parse the 'nodes' attribute in a torrent.

- Feature: Added remaining column

- Feature: Added Ctrl-C/Ctrl-A in logger window

- Fix: Tracker ip not working.

- Fix: Search box size was limited.

- Fix: Done column wasn't sortable.

- Change: Use less memory for torrents with lots of files.

- Fix: Support moving complete torrents across file systems.

- Fix: Use a little bit less memory in the network code.

- Fix: Use closesocket instead of close when closing ipblocked sockets.

- Fix: >4GB torrents were created incorrectly.

- Fix: Better recovery if resume.dat is missing/damaged.

- Change: Changed default value of flush_files to true.

- Change: New flags.

- Fix: Ignore directories in the autoload dir.

- Change: Show a message if the user is adding a duplicate torrent.

- Fix: Don't rotate trackers in main list

- Change: *.cpl is an unsafe file

- Fix: fixed a status bar flicker issue when going into a menu

- Fix: Prevent listen error if you start up µTorrent immediately after closing it.

--- 2005-10-26: Version 1.1.8 (build 307)

- Change: Changed bt.slow_connect into net.max_halfopen

- Feature: Persistent labels.

- Fix: Disable delay when hashing

- Change: Added some new hotkeys

- Feature: Label torrents.

- Fix: Send key field to the tracker.

- Fix: Also delete the partfile when deleting the data.

- Fix: Don't show an empty window if pressing Esc in the search engine edit field.

- Fix: Enlargen some controls to suit translators better.

- Fix: Show in tray only when minimized when show_in_tray is off.

- Fix: Wait a random interval between subsequent connect attempts.

- Fix: The generals tab showed the wrong filename for files saved with a nondefault filename.

- Feature: Main icon and tray icon are now skinnable (main.ico / tray.ico).

- Feature: Allow stuff on the generals page to be copied to the clipboard.

- Fix: If window was minimized&hidden when exiting, it would get the wrong size next time it's started.

- Feature: Use digital signatures in the updater to verify the integrity of the new exe file.

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It's almost fun to watch the number of DHT peers climb. Nothing like Azureus, but I guess that will come in time. :D

Sweet! I've been watching this forum for about a month now, eagerly awaiting DHT. It's the only thing that kept me from switching from BitComet.

I have a question though. About "watching the number of DHT peers climb" - where is that exactly? I *think* I found it. Is it anyone in the "peers" tab that has "Mainline" under their client??

Or are you watching somewhere else? I figured it would show up under the trackers, as BitComet's does, but I didn't see it. Just happened to take a peek at the clients. So, is that right?

Ps. this is way faster than BitComet, and it doesn't freeze my connection either ;)



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