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µTorrent 1.2.2


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Sorry for the late announcement, I didn't have time for making the post before.

This version is just a small bugfix.

Download it here: http://www.utorrent.com/download.php

--- 2005-11-25: Version 1.2.2 (build 345)

- Fix: Fixed lockup when deleting a torrent.

- Fix: Center torrent properties on the main window

- Fix: Fixed rare DHT crash bug.

- Change: Show a warning message if there were problems loading a user defined language file.

If you'd like to be notified of new releases by e-mail, please visit this thread.


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Thanks for the help.

BTW, then the list of changes should have said "Change: Scraping of stopped torrents made optional" instead of "Change: Don't scrape stopped torrents".

That's why I assumed there was no option.

Also, I have "check for updates automatically" checked, but it did not do so.

Mine was still on 1.2 and I only found out about new versions by looking at the web site (the manual menu option of check for updates did work).

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I've been running the same programs for 17 days.

"Only when you startup" is "dialup" reality. :D

Not complaining - utorrent is far better than everything else.

But to be effective, the feature should check once a day or some such.

BTW, I assume the fact that super-seeding doesn't work and the seeding ETA doesn't work have both been reported many times ?

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Its a nice client but its getting bigger and bigger... Yes, I know what are 10 or 20KB more when an app that isnt more bigger than 120KB (on disk). But sould be a version with DHT, skins/icon,etc, and another without this extra(weight). Dont know... Just an idea.

And seems like the DHT bug seems solved. At least to me :)

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Ultima, why not? The only thing that they have to do is add /* to the part where they dont wanna compile and thats all...

And is not more work to do... Just leave the excess parts, nothing more. Even more, when there are bugs on the excess parts (aka DHT, skining, etc) that could be completely ignored, so, you focus on the pure client and nothing more.

Its just an idea.

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