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suggestion: cooperative downloading with friends


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it happens regularly that i want to download the same file as friends of me. in such a case it would be cool if we could configure our clients in such a way, that they will automatically coordinate what they download, and that - as soon as we are finished - we could give the downloaded parts to each other using e.g. a usb flash memory and then merge these parts into one download.

currently this is already possible, but only manually and on a per-file-basis (does not help if the downloaded torrent contains only one big file).

what do you think?



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I think that this is going against the intended peer connection dynamic of the BitTorrent protocol.

You're supposed to connect to large groups of RANDOM peers, not a group of friends.

You will be generating a cluster of connections that could potentially get cut off from the rest of the swarm, cutting off your supply of pieces.

This "Cooperative downloading" may help your small group of friends, but it harms the swarm on the large scale.

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