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Prompt to save in different location


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I just registered to comment.

I have waited since the first beta release of uTorrent to implement this. It has been a real frustration that it took so long (some good years?) to implement such a simple feature, so I could say bye bye to Transmission and the others.

The dialog in 1.1 beta was perfect. But the client just crashed on me all the time, so it was useless for the most part. And then 1.5 Beta removed it (unintentionally)

I now understand why it was removed uninttentionally. It was rewritten and by mistake it got left out in 1.5beta. The dialog is back in 1.5.1 beta but it is completely redesigned from 1.1 beta or the Windows version. Now I cant edit the path directly, I can't edit directory name if the torrent itself uses a directory, the most recently used locations are gone. And We have to go through the dreadful OSX dialog to choose whatever directory to save files to.

I don't know if this happened just to obey the OSX design guidelines, but if that is the case I suggest to ignore guidelines! :)

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This was working for me before the last update, now I can't pick my folders again. Is there a place to download older versions of Utorrent? I really need this feature on my mac.

Edited to be clearer. Actually a window does pop up asking me where to save it but it only has previous folder chains (eg. vol1/movies/action. I used to click on "Other" and I could browse through and either create a new folder or choose an existing one but now I goto 'other' and I can then only click on Okay.

Edited to add: I just found this thread http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=646880#p646880 he explained the problem much better than me.

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