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µTorrent Translation System beta [translators look here]


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After two days of coding I got finished. This script I hope will be a great help to every of You, translators. It's called µTorrent Translation System (uTS) and should cut off the time needed to translate next versions of µTorrent. This is only a beta, so expect:

* crappy looks - I didn't pay even a bit attention to interface. When coding is done, then we'll handle this

* bugs - I write mostly at night, so there might be some bugs that I overlooked

* things that are just not right - if you think something should work differently, please let me know.

So, here it is: µTorrent Translation System.

Notice, that registration is moderated. You'll have to wait 'till I accept your account. I'll try to do it as fast as it is possible.

Please write some feedback here, so I can make this more usable and easier to use.

Edit: Thanks to Directrix uTS is starting to have some looks :)

Edit 2: uTS has gone through the beta stage so feel free to use it.

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All of your accounts have been activated.

Webdr - take a look at topic: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4653

PS. Did you got emails with actitvation acknowledgement?


My account has been activated but I haven't received any emails yet...

Edit: It's great! But it seems that "&Select" between "&Deselect All" and "&Select All" is missing..

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Edit: It's great! But it seems that "&Select" between "&Deselect All" and "&Select All" is missing..

They exist in 404 build. 405 is for testing only, to check if showing differences work. Please don't translate everything yet, just test and post your suggestions to make things better.

PS. Other accounts activated as well.

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It looks good, nice work Mav :)

I think we need an automated way for the first data input.

Almost all the translators have their utorrent.exe.lang.txt file ready for version 1.4.0.

I think we need a parser to parse the utorrent.exe.lang.txt file and import the existing translated strings.

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Well... i never use Betas, only final builds... its my sort of custom...=)

Found a bug... when i watch untranslated strings (mode=untranslated) and click on page mode loses value "untranslated" and i see all strings instead of untranslated... ty

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How does it work with more than one author for one language?

There can be several users set to one language, and all have permissions to edit strings.

What happens with unused strings from the uploaded file?

If You mean uploading lang.txt file, the script just takes strings from it that are necessary for selected build, does nothing with others.

How do we import old strings that are the same from the previous build? Can this be one automatically?

Strings that are the same will be shared among all previous builds in which they exist.

Also, there seems to be a major problem with trailing spaces " *" and "||" recognition. Strings containing those don't come through properly either for uploading or downloading the whole file.

I've checked that. It seems that they were missing in the original file with english strings that Ludde gave me. I'll have to ask him about this :).

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