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µTorrent 2.0.3 released


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And regular updates from 2.02 - just stooped working with some error messages on missing language files ...:( B-a-d Firon... :P

2.0.2 updates fine. 2.0.3 has no updates besides the Paz promo.
my computer is not letting me download the update utorrent 2.0.3... please help.

So, talk to Firon....

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- Fix: fixed bug in transfer cap where it would sometimes not refresh the transfer count

I have the transfer cap set to X GB in the last 1 days and 2.0.3 does not reset on it's own. It has worked fine previously in 2.0.2.

I had not touched uTorrent for one whole day, not even switched the PC on, and when I finally did the usage history from two days prior was still there. I have to manually reset the history, exit uTorrent and start it up again for it to recognise the reset.

edit: forgot to say I'm using build 21177

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