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µTorrent 2.0.3 released


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@flexsms :

pref->bandwidth->apply rate limit to uTP - checked

pref->bittorrent ->limit local peers bandwidth - checked

+ there might be a bug , so if those don't work, try:

pref->bittorrent ->enabled bandwidth management - unchecked

Let us know...


Bug on build 20501:

- Fix: set dont fragment bit for UDP traffic

Since with uTP most packets are of size 1458 , uTP seeding stops working if your MTU is <1458 ... (XP)

On local cable connections with L2TP-VPN - it will not work!


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Just upgraded to 20501, and I have problems with uTP uploads, their speed is practically zero (16-32kB / min / connection). Never seen this problem before, it also worked well for me with build 20367. It seems that fallback to the old uTP method (bt.trans_disposition = 15) solves the problem, I get normal upload speeds that way. The problem is only with uTP uploads, uTP downloads are the same fast as usual.

Example : http://i28.tinypic.com/i6xqbp.gif

XP x86, cable connection, behind a NAT router.

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Traffic Cap meter/stopper will not stop force seeding/downloading torrents. Is it as designed ? Explained anywhere ?

Also two bugs:

- When Traffic Cap meter is set to stop on "upload+download" or "downloads", it stops when the UPLOAD only limit is reached (only forced seeding tasks are active).

- actual upload cap limit- trigger is at a lower value than the accumulated value displayed


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Since I've updated to the latest build of the beta, I have now and then been getting items from the context menu stay on my screen permanently. That is, for example, if I right-click and select Update Tracker, that sometimes stays on the screen, even if I close µTorrent.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 31-bit, and I haven't had this problem until getting the latest build of µTorrent, so that seems to be the problem. Changing my theme to classic, then back to my custom aero one (I haven't tried just changing it to Windows Basic) makes it go away. So does logging out or restarting but not switching users.

So I'm stumped, and it's annoying me because it stays on top of EVERYTHING including videos in full screen mode. I would downgrade to the previous build of the 2.0.3 beta, but I really can't be bothered with downgrading it.

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Windows 7 Ultimate 31-bit

you better downgrade to 32-bit... ;) or maybe upgrade your display driver... :P

I don't see any GUI change in the latest beta...


There is one.. - - Fix: fixed progress bar when downloading over HTTP directly to a file

So anything is possible... you might be right... :)

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there are 4 options for delete and just two dialog pop-ups:

regular delete ("from list") - shows: "are you sure you want to remove selected torrent?"

delete also .torrent file - shows the same as above

delete also data files - shows: "..." and all associated data" (shift delete ?)

delete also both data and .torrent file: shows the same as above

If uT wants to be more informative - it should have 4 dialogs for those 4 cases!

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Ah, guess it could possibly be that Shift+Del was really meant to be doing just "delete data". If that's the case, is there another combo that does what it says it does?

(normally I'd be specific in a post but this was not a report but rather a nudge on a rather old, known issue)

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Hello, i have a Problem since i got the new beta. In Options you can select "Save Space for Files ahead" or its named "Pre-Allocate all files" (im not good in english sorry).

The Problem is i "never" select this, but for some reason since the new beta it always saves the space ahead, when i have there 6 torrents loadet, everyone of them 4GB size, its says not enouth space for download cose it directly saves 20GB on my harddisc, even when there is just 10KB downloadet.

Before i never had that problem, utorrent would popup a message that there isnt enough space available but after clicking ok it worked, and i have time tio make space at the same time while downloading.

I hope you understand my problem, as far as i remember its since Build 2558, but i can be wrong, maybe i didnt see it before, but my harddisc is now always full just by starting a torrent, that really is bad for me, i hope you can help me, mybe i just did something wrong.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, is there a option to delete just the files from a torrent without removing the torrent in utorrent? Like when you rightclick you can "remove + delete DATA" would be nice if theres a just delete data for stopped torrents i wanna later continue.

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