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µTorrent 3.0.1 stable released with Share (build 26560)


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We're announcing the release of µTorrent 3.0.1 with a new feature called Share.

Share is an experimental new feature which is inspired by the huge amount of personal media that people are creating and own, and yet which remains locked on the owners devices and is not shared with those who would most appreciate it.

Our share feature will help consumers share personal media files of any size, quickly and privately, with just their friends and family. It's still using BitTorrent at its core, but introduces a whole new user experience with an ability to share only with specific groups of personal contacts.

This is NOT a replacement for a regular BitTorrent client, but is offered for now as an alternative way of using µTorrent. This will be folded into regular releases of the client later.

Visit the Share product page for some more details: http://www.utorrent.com/share/complete

Download the new version now!

Release Highlights:

  • µTorrent Share. Share your videos and files with friends and family


-- 2011-12-05: Version 3.0.1 stable (build 26560)

- Fix: various share fixes

-- 2011-11-08: Version 3.0.1 beta (build 26436)

- Fix: Fix Create Torrent from client to properly seed torrent after creation when set

- Change: Add option to hide/show Share

- Change: Auto-update checks set to every 24 hours

-- 2011-10-27: Version 3.0.1 beta (build 25854)

-Fix: Fix startup crash when run after plus/3.1

-Fix: fix open containing folder when creating torrent with client

-- 2011-10-20: Version 3.0.1 alpha (build 25829)

- Fix: Hang writing partfile for multifile torrent containing a file > 4GB

- Fix: torrent autoload functionality

- Fix: crash when shutting down with IE frame open

- Fix: crash when setting download location

-- 2011-10-13: Version 3.0.1 alpha (build 25789)

- Fix: more Share bugs

- Fix: crash with IE frame

-- 2011-10-04: Version 3.0.1 alpha (build 25753)

- Feature: added µTorrent Share

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So, l assume that all fixes listed in 25760 change-log are NOT fixed in this 25753 build ?

It ts staring to be confusing... having both a 3.01 and a 3.1 ALPHA releases. On one hand you do fix important issues that were in 3.0 in 3.1 , on the other hand you have those still in 3.01. Confusing... :(


It will be nice if you give here some instructions on how to operate this feature, from this point :


Drag & drop to it do not seem to do anything...

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Running or installed ? Running - FireFox 7, installed - also IE7. And if you want people to at least know what to expect, and not just drive-blind, - you should put a few "how to" words and screenshots in that "project" link/page you give. Be serious guys... ;)

Nicely broken... yeah... and on my first click... :P

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bug in utorrent 3.0 , 3.1 and 3.0.1



[2011-10-13 20:05:01]  B0rked reason: invalid http response code (404): NOT FOUND (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/43001898/web-seed/%D0%92%D0%B5%D0%B1_%D1%81%D0%B8%D0%B4.txt)
[2011-10-13 20:05:01]  Banned until Thu Oct 13 20:05:11 2011
[2011-10-13 20:05:12]  Ban limit expired, unbanned

2.2.1 - work normally

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Is there any way to avoid the Facebook integration?

I'd love to share files with a small group of friends more easily, I've been manually making torrents for my friends with the built in server already, but there's no way in hell I'm pushing everything I do through Facebook.

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Thanks for the broken build...I normally turn off the sidebar (category list), and wound up stuck on the "Welcome to uTorrent Share" page with no way to get out of it. The toolbar was blank (no icons) and I couldn't find my way back to my Torrents screen, so I downgraded to 3.0 build 25406.

Like many commenters, this is a feature I'll probably never use, so it should be implemented as a plugin; and there should be a way to get back to the main Torrents (an "X" close box, perhaps) to make it obvious how to leave that screen.

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I think perhaps that was a mistake? I have check for betas disabled and it still asked me to update to 3.0.1 (stable it said). I declined 3.0.1 and then checked for updates again and got the new 3.0 (25806) - I'm thinking that's what they meant to push out.

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and i was wondering why no one reply my issues....

i don't notice a new thread was opened..

here my issus atm

1. rating window trun black when scroll it up/down

2.windows size never been saved

3.utorrent 3 stop show info bubbles, i mean , when you put the pointer(or the cursor in other words) something like 3-5 sec over a file with long name (that show "..." after it name), it suppose to show you the full name of that file in some white little window (bubble), but utorrent 3 stop doing that and i need to double click my files just to see their full names

4.the progrem take it sweet time and make me wait more then minute until it move the removed files to the trash can :P .

also i'm a bit confuse... why the version on this link http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=105596 is higher then the last version? :\

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