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Flash uTorrent Web Interface


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Open Beta!

The FlashUI is an alternative to the WebUI, made in flash it looks exactly like the Windows Application and it will work with almost any brower that supports a flash plugin. Including IE6!

Click Here to see the demo.

(Alot of features are disabled in the demo because its not connected to uTorrent, but it will give you a feel of the interface)

To install the Flash Interface you first need to be using the latest beta build for the WebUI and have the WebUI installed, you can get it from the official thread here

Next download the latest version of the Flash Interface

Download from Box.Net Here (v0.7)

Download from iHud Here (v0.7)

Download from Uploading.com Here (v0.7)

Note: FlashUI 0.7 requires uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 483 or higher

Version 0.7 is now ready for anyone who wants to use it. It is not as complete as the official WebUI but it is getting there and i hope to add the remaining features asap.

Stuff that is not working yet...

Files Tab

Adding and changing labels

New Torrent button

Move Up and Down buttons

RSS button

If you find any bugs or want to request any new features please use this thread.



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Just to make this clear, this interface is an alternate interface to the webui, not a completely seperate webui.

I'll put my name down for beta testing.

Plus as mentioned in IRC, if this interface goes ahead, then in webui preferences we will need an option to select which interface is loaded by default.

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Indeed, it does :)

I know this is a WIP, and you're probably planning on doing some (if not all) of them, but here's some suggestions, just in case...

- Toolbar image: unblurify it if you can

- Font size: make it smaller?

- Detailed Info Pane: add scrollbars

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testing in several browsers? what's the point? the flash plugin works the same everywhere.. that's one of its main advantages.. the other one is that it looks exactly like utorrent itself so it's very easy to use.. looks very nice so far.. let's see what u more u can add :P

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believe it or not testing in several browsers is still important because the different versions of flash make slight differences to what you actually see, i have had masking problems before using the flash plugin for Opera, so its still worth testing it in all the different versions of flash we can :) the minimum version of flash needed to use this is 8 but i think you need 9 to add torrents, but im not sure untill i have tested it some more.

I have added scrollbars and have made the font smaller as Ultima suggested, i will be uploading a newer version later today.

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

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"A script in this movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 8 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

i'll try again with fewer torrents.. 48 may be too much for it to handle..

EDIT: tried with 5 torrents only.. same thing.. i'll update to flash player 9 to see if it helps..

EDIT2: flash player 9 installed.. "A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

something is broken..

EDIT3: i seem to have found one of the problems.. even with 1-2 torrents it becomes unresponsive if they have a label

there seems to be something else bugging it though..

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I have just uploaded a new version.



1. ETA: now shows as just days instead of 0w, im still having trouble getting to show weeks prperly.

2. All details now round to the correct decimal places

3. This has been changed

4. I dont understand this one, where is the completed figure and what is the difference between it and downloaded?

5. Scrollbars appear at the start now

6. If you see a number can you let me know what it is and the status it should be.

7. ETA: now uses the infinity symbol instead of -1


1. I will add this later after column resizing

2. Added the paused icon

3. Right click menus have been added


1. How many torrents are you testing it with?


Have you got it working with any torrents so far? What uTorrent version are you using? you will need to use the one from the public downloads section for this.

It wont show any lables yet because i havn't done that bit :)

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I'm not sure you were asking me, but i was testing with 5 torrents, and it working fine for me.

Minor Bugs

4. Downloaded = Downloaded data + wasted data : Completed = Download data.

In utorrent if u right click on the column headings, you will see the two columns called downloaded and completed.

6. Will do

Will test new version after F1 :)

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i'm using utorrent 1.6 final..

i know it doesnt show any labels yet..

i managed to get it working starting with a new profile (renamed %appdata%/utorrent) and started from the beginning.. and even then if i apply a label to a torrent, flash player gives a message that a script in the "movie" is causing it to become unresponsive.. so there's some problem with labeled torrents

what i've found so far is certain torrents making it become unresponsive.. possible problems:

1. their name is too long (hm)

2. high ratio

3. great amount of uploaded data

a lot of new torrents dont cause the error, but torrents i've had for a long time do..

here's how i came to that conclusion:

i started the webui and it crashed.. after the crash i was able to see the last things it did (the category list and the torrent list got updated) - All (3).. so it crashed on the 4th torrent (i have 48)

the last (4th) torrent's name was something like 002022312121 and it was 78.87 mb.. so i found it on my list and removed it.. tried the webui again.. when it crashed, it displayed All(35).. so it rendered more torrents before...


the common thing between the torrents is the [ symbol in their name..

if u request for the list of torrents u're provided with information like:

D(['HASH GOES HERE',201,'torrent name',648392240,1000,619556400,4110791040,6635,0,0,-1,'',0,1,0,3,62622]);

D(['HASH GOES HERE',201,'torrent name',12907769,1000,12907769,276087391,21389,0,0,-1,'',0,1,0,2,65536]);

having the [ symbol acting like separator for the stats and having that symbol in the torrent's name causes the problem! :)

to summarize the things causing a crash:

1. labeled torrents

2. torrents containing the [ symbol

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Well tested, i will fix that problem next.

As for the completed data i dont think that it is output in the JSON code, so i cant include it at the moment, it is probably in the newer version so i will have to wait for that i guess :)

thanks for everthing so far and keep up the good work :)

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Thanks for the status numbers i will put them in asap, the refresh size problem is a result of fixing the scrollbars to show on load :s i will fix that too.

All the other stuff you mentioned i will add, except minor bugs 1 and 2 which i need to wait untill the WebUI is released before i can fix them.

Thanks again, i will let you know when i have a new version for you :)

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