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For the up and down arrows on the toolbar, I think they should be designed the same way as the Start icon.

Awesome idea, though the icon meanings aren't exactly intuitive

The toolbar works just fine, the torrent status icons is ok,

but I agree with your comment when it comes to the tabs icons.

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443 (black 3 dots) was really an experiment in minimalism, an example of what's possible in such a limited creative space. I wanted to see if I could express complete concepts while severely limiting myself:

only 1 Color (color, at the time, being a crutch I wanted to see if I could walk without)

always 3 'pixels'

always separate

complete focus on placement to express the concept.

They weren't really meant to be actually used, but I'm encouraged that it could maybe spur more creative icon concepts.

Now, blockage on the other hand, I really like, and I still personally use.

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;) Indeed. It's an oldie and a goodie, as you say an example of the interface customizability which make uT even more amazing. BITMAPS! That's all you need.

I'm sorry that I didn't link to the skins page (if it's verboten, i'll edit the post), but all that clutter and loadtime just to see some pics for comparison...doesn't suit me. So I linked to the pictures instead and included their download links. Should I link to your thread as well? OT: Are you thinking of updating (some of) your skins for 1.8? There's new icons in tabs and tstatus.

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nah, don't worry about download links. It's perfectly fine to reference the skins by the images. I was just commenting on the 'flair' part of your comment. *sheaths sword*

I'm thinking about it updating some of my sets. I've been out of the game for a while now, and looking back to many of my old icons makes be think about how far I have come.

Time is the major issue for me. When I was doing major updates I was unemployed. That has since been very remedied.

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I'm not sure what happened to the tabs....

The original status set that you linked to was inspired by Determination's set. You need to get back into it, D. I know what you mean, though, not having the time. Time hasnt been very generous to me lately, but I've just been in the mood to work on these a bit.

Glad you like them, jewelisheaven.

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