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Pwnage, it dont matter, defragging is defragging, I wont say its better, I dont think its suited for a desktop enviornment unless you have boxes running all the time. I have two that are one basically ALL the time so it works ok for them, Im not always on them and I dont have to worry about them. That is what I like about that. But on my main box, LOL NOOO, I dont want defrag popping on just because.....even late at night when im not on there, my downloads hit that box...

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Browser: Firefox

Email: Outlook Express 6

Video player: BSPlayer

Audio player: Winamp 5.2

IM (including IRC): Trillian 3.1

VoIP: Skype 2.0

Archiving: WinRAR

CD Writer: Nero 6

Antivirus: BitDefender 9 Professional Plus

Firewall: Zone Alarm free

Antispyware: Ad-Aware SE Personal build 1.06r1 and Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4

Office Software: Microsoft Office 2000

RAM maintenance: freeRAM XP Pro

Video Converters: Xilisoft RM Converter, tmpgenc

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so, here are my favourites:

Browser: Firefox (FlashGot, Fasterfox, Tab Mix Plus, ChatZilla, ForecastFox, Free Downloadmanager plugins)

Email: Thunderbird 1.5

Video player: VLC 0.8.5 Test1

Audio player: foobar2000 0.9 RC

IM (including IRC): ChatZilla, miranda 0.4

VoIP: Skype 2.0

Archiving: WinRAR 3.51

CD Writer: Nero

Antivirus: AVG 7.1 Pro

Firewall: Zone Alarm Pro 6.1

Office Software: Microsoft Office 2000 SP3

plus PerfectDisk 7 Defrag (Smart Placement is great), IrfanView, FoxitReader pdf, Virtual Dub

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Browser: IE6

Email: several webmail accts via my providers

IM: WLM 8 Beta 365, pimped out with A-Patch, and colors set to black.

Video player: WMP 6.4 w/ ffdshow

DVD player: InterVideo WinDVD 4 Pro

Audio player: Winamp 5.21 Pro

Archiving: WinRAR 3.51 Corporate

CD Ripping: Exact Audio Copy

CD Authoring: Nero 6.6 Ultra

CD Image Mounting: DAEMON Tools 4.0

CD Image Burning: Alcohol 120%

Antivirus: AVG 7.1 Free

Antispyware: AdAware 1.06SE Personal, Spybot S&D 1.4

Office Software: MS Office 2000 Pro SP3

Text Editing: Notepad

Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Audio Editing/Tracking: Sonic Foundry Soundforge 6.0, Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 3.0

.. and of course µTorrent 1.5

i'd like to add that Sonic Foundry was so good before they sold their souls to Sony.

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I am a big fan of some of the opensource win32 apps that are being developed at the moment.

Instead of winrar - i use 7-zip , deals with rars zips etc and a feature I like is that it tells you how fast it is extracting stuff which is kinda neat :)

instead of nero - CD burner XP Pro - open source again and in my opinion better than nero (I dont use most of neros features all i do is burn ISOs and make data DVDs which CCDBXP pro does extremely

Notepad++, opensource replacement to notepad.

jEdit - one of the best text editors in my opinion with syntax highlighting etc, really smart

videolan (vlc) for watching films, god I love this app.

im using avast for AV, since i got my first virus the other day (i stupidly used IE on www.serials.ws and accidentily allowed activex control to run - FUCK that website and any website that uses spyware companies for ad revenues)

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My fav programs

(Windows / Linux)

Browser: Opera / Opera

DL manager: Free Download Manager / KGet

IM: miranda, skype / Kopete, skype, Konversation

Office OO.o / OO.o

Audio player: Quintessential Player / amaroK

Video player Crystal Player, MP Classic / Kaffeine

CD Burning: Nero / K3B

CD ripping: CDex / don't remember the name :)

defrag: Diskeeper / no need for such :)

Archiving: 7-zip / doesn't matter

programing: eclipse, vis studio 2003 / eclipse, KDevelop

antivirus: I don't like any / I don't need any :) :) :)

daemon-tools, alcohol 120% / no need for such

Torrent: guess ;) / KTorrent

for windows: you should try KillCopy, a killer app that integrates in the shell and allows you to copy/move files with support for pause/resume, speed limit... and it even copies faster than windows itself... it's even skinnable!!!

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I tried switching to 7-zip, but its compression speed was too slow for the little benefit in ratio that it provided over WinRAR. Its GUI and shell integration annoys me a little... It just can't compare with WinRAR's, but it's getting there (WinRAR can detect which .exe file can be unpacked, while 7-zip doesn't bother trying to detect, and shows the Extract thing it for any file you right-click).

CDBurnerXP... doesn't it need the .NET Framework now? Kinda annoying, but I don't know. Its GUI looks alright, but some things can be improved, like the random bolding of certain interface elements.

Notepad++ is based on Scintilla, which I'm annoyed by, since it has some quirks...

jEdit... Java... bleh xD

VLC didn't work well on some videos I played before, so I stopped using it.

Most of these applications have real potential, though, so I've been watching them for a while now.

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This post was originally addressed to jult, but his posts got deleted... now it seems like a double-post, but whatever, it wasn't originally xP


In the end, just because you think it's fine to do something doesn't necessarily mean you should be allowed to do it. The rules say no double or multi posting, so how about following it? Double or multi posting means posting consecutively, and not necessarily posting the same thing as it you seem to think. Once again, you may have better hardware (database servers in this case), but have you not realized that these forums are constantly under huge stress? Meaning the database has to be kept as optimized as possible, and multi posting doesn't help the matter at all, no matter how much or how little it affects the database size.

Edit: I never said there was anything wrong with installing .NET... And I'm not sure how installing .NET would save anyone memory use and/or CPU load. In fact, .NET applications generally take more resources than native Win32 applications =T

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Seems like he's doing that to try to prove his "point," which, if that's really the case, isn't getting doing much other than annoy people, more so than the adding and deleting from posts that he's complaining about. Chalk another tally up for reasons not to multi post.

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Operating System: Windows XP(used to have 2000, but switched after the computer broke down, i kinda regret that now, 2000 seemed to much better.)

Browser: Firefox(IE when i have to...)

Dl Manager: Firefoxes own

Office: Microsoft 2003

PFD Reader: Foxit

Image Viewer: Windows own(any reccomendations?)

Video: VLC(Is there anything this thing can't show?)

Music: Winamp

Compression: IZarc(Used to use 7-zip, but this thing can open .bin, .iso and alot of other archives that 7-zip can't)

Antivirus: Avast

Anti Spyware: Ad-aware

Torrent Manager: Bitcomet!...(Just kidding, uT of course ^^)

P2P: Limewire

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@Firon: Heh can't say I didn't see that coming already... though I have a feeling he might come back on another IP (on another username he probably already signed up under). I'm not going to name it, but I'll leave it at that, since I'm not too sure if my hunch is correct.

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FUP (Frequently Used Programs)

Packer: 7-Zip , basic but sufficient, only lacks ACE-support

AV: NOD32 , got 1-year-licence, for free AV get avast!

Browser: Firefox , i don't understand why others still use IE. When will they learn?

Download Manager: Free Download Manager , for DLing big files from Firefox

Office: OpenOffice , great free software, no need for MSO

Email: TheBat , for advanced emailing there is no better software, fast and small enough to keep resident

Spamfilter: POPfile , Spambayes is also ok, but lacks the "magnets" i needed

Earth browsing: Google Earth

Feeds: Klipfolio , nice and never found a good OO-alternative. Feedreader uses IE, *yuck*

Image Editing: Photoshop , tried GIMP but that doesn't even come near.

System tools from Sysinternals: Autoruns, Contig (68KB, file defragmentation), Process Explorer (running all the time)

Check and Rescue CD/DVDs: CDCheck

Image Mounting: Daemon Tools

Text Editor: Notepad++ (jedit if i need RegExp)

Alarm Clock/Reminder: Kana Reminder , very useful

Firewall: Windows + Router, dumped Zonealarm

Audio Player: Winamp 2.95, never wanted v3 or v5

Video Player: Zoom Player, Sasami2K before but development has stopped.

IM: Miranda

Filesharing: uTorrent, eMule

Web page update cheking: WebMon , very useful

System Monitoring: SpeedFan

CD/DVD Burning: Nero Express

GPS Tracking, MTB-Tools: Fugawi, MagicMaps

Newsreader: 40tude Dialog

FTP: Filezilla

AntiSpyware: AdAware, SpybotS&D, HijackThis

CD/DVD catalogue: Kat-CeDe


Other useful programs, that are used now and then:

Treesize: analyze your HD space

NetStumbler: WLAN search

CRCCheck: CRC and MD5 sum

CheckIdenticalFiles: find duplicate files

PingPlotter, if you have connection problems

EAC: CD audio ripping

RazorLame + Lame: audio encoding

GoldWave: audio editing

Revelation: get passwords from *****

RegEx Coach: learn and evaluate regular expressions

TWPassGen: password generator

And there are more, but they are not used right now.

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OS: Windows XP SP2 (only a matter of time before I switch...)

Browser: Opera 9 Tech Preview 2

Email: Gmail

IM: Windows Live Messenger BETA 2, MSN Messenger 7.5 (with Messenger Plus!)

Video player: VLC Media Player, QuickTime

Audio player: Windows Media Player 10, Winamp (looking for alternatives)

Codec Package: Matroska Pack

CD Mastering: Nero 7 Ultra

Image Burning: Nero 7 Ultra

Drive Mounting: Daemon Tools (if neccessary)

Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.0i

Antispyware: Spyware Doctor, Spyware Blaster (Spybot S&D for extra immunisation, Lavasoft Ad-aware Personal installed)

Firewall: Windows Firewall (not turned on)

Bandwidth Monitor: Speedtouch (default software with ADSL modem)

Archiving: WinRAR

Image Editing: Macromedia Fireworks 8, Paint (for quick jobs), Adobe Photoshop CS2

Office Software: Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, Adobe Acrobat 7.0, Evrsoft FirstPage 2006 (web-editing)

Additional Software: Macromedia Studio 8

Disk Maintenance: Windows Default, TuneUp Utilities 2006

Download Manager: Opera 9 Default

P2P: LiweWire PRO, Morpheus Ultra, BitTorrent

BitTorrent Client: uTorrent 1.5

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Music - Winamp

Webbrowser - Firefox with these extensions

Enabled Extensions: (29)

Adblock Filterset.G Updater - Synchronizes Adblock with Filterset.G

Adblock Plus - Ads were yesterday!

BetterSearch 1.9 - Enhances Google, A9, MSN, Yahoo, Answers.com, AllTheWeb, del.icio.us, Dogpile and Simpy.com by adding previews (thumbnails) and Amazon product info (images, prices) as well as new special links to the search results.

BugMeNot 1.3 - Bypass web registration with the context menu via www.bugmenot.com.

Cache Status 0.6.2 - Easy cache status & management from status

CustomizeGoogle 0.44 - Enhance Google search results and remove ads and spam.

Dictionary Tooltip 0.9 - Press ctrl+shift+D (or) double-click after selecting a word to see its meaning.

Fasterfox 1.0.3 - Performance and network tweaks for Firefox.

FirefoxView 0.31.2 - View pages and links loaded into IE in Firefox

Flashblock 1.5.1 - Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them.

Gmail Manager - Gmail accounts management and new mail notifications.

Google Suggest - Suggests Search Terms as you type

googlebar - The Googlebar for Firefox

Greasemonkey 0.6.4 - A User Script Manager for Firefox

IE Tab 1.0.8 - Enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox.

IE View 1.2.7 - Open pages in IE via Firefox menus

Image Zoom 0.2.3 - Adds zoom functionality for images

JSView 0.9.8 - View the source code of external javascripts.

LinkPreview 2.1 - Shows a hint with thumbnail preview for target link when mouse pointer hovers.

ListZilla 0.7 - Outputs an alphabetical list of extensions to a text, vB code, or HTML file.

Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.01 - Fully skinned based on Noia icon set.

OperaView 0.4.1 - Open pages in Opera from Firefox, Mozilla, Flock and Netscape 8 context menus.

PDF Download 0.6 - Allows to choose what you want to do with a PDF file: dl it, view it with an external viewer or view it as HTML!

SearchPluginHacks 0.1.3 - Allows uninstalling search plugins - just right click on a search plugin and choose 'Delete'

Stealther 0.9 - Surf the web without leaving a trace in Firefox.

Tab Mix Plus - Tab browsing with an added boost.

Update Notifier 0.1.2 - Notifies you when updates are availabe for your extensions and themes.

Viamatic foXpose 0.3 - Click on the icon in the status bar to view all the browser windows with a single click.

Web Developer 1.0.2 - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

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Banned for being an idiot.

You mean you couldn't handle him telling the truth?

I mean really, what did he say that annoyed you? That BSplayer was the best player around? I agree with that, furthermore, you probably haven't even tried it, so YOU are the idiot here, not him.

Ban me too, I'm a good friend of Julius. Everybody banning him is an idiot. Most moderators are idiots. They suffer from delusions of grandeur. That's why usenet is so good, it has no Big Daddy I Rule Everything nagging to users about 'double posting' or some strange child-like invention you have on your webforums. YOU are the idiot, and you damn well know it too.

Come to think of it, I take back what I said about uTorrent. It sucks after all. On one of my XP machines it keeps telling me it is free software, duh, like I don't know that by now. Once is enough!

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He continuously broke the forum rules (don't double post), even after he was kindly told not to several times, among other things. Double posting is against on the rules on every forum, because it creates unnecessary spam. It's not that hard to concatenate your posts, and if you find that concept too hard to grasp, perhaps you shouldn't be on the internet.

I'm not even gonna bother banning you, just hit X and don't come back. I couldn't care less what you think.

ps: bsplayer had nothing to do with it, and yes I have used it

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