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Great programs you use

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webbie -- Firefox (whichever is the latest stable release)

email -- Gmail & Thunderbird (whichever is latest stable; Gmail = primary, T-bird = Comcast)

RSS -- Thunderbird

IRC -- X-Chat 2.6

IM -- gaim

audio playback -- Winamp & iTunes

video playback -- MediaPlayer Classic

DVD playback -- PowerDVD

anti-virus -- none

firewall -- none, using router's built-in

archiving -- WinZip & WinRAR

disc burning -- Nero & Alcohol

system monitoring -- SpeedFan

text editing/viewing -- Notepad & NotePad++

honorable mentions: OpenOffice, PuTTY, TeamSpeak, TweakUI, WinLauncherXP, WindowBlinds, DScaler, ACDSee, openCanvas 4 Plus, Photoshop CS

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Browser: Mozilla 1.5 beta , Opera 9 beta (backup)

Email: Gmail

Video player: Media Player Classic

Chat: Trillian Pro v3.1 & GoogleTalk. Skype (skypeout is awesome).

Music Player: Foobar2000 ( Saw some pple using it and decided to try and love its low mem usage, just like utorrent :P. For laptops anything low mem usage is great) *

Audio Editing: Advanced CD Ripper

Video Editing: VirtualDubMod, the entire TMPGEnc suite, Dr DiVx, Autogk

Image Editing: Photoshop

Archiving: WinRAR and WinZip

CD/DVD Burning: Nero or Sonic

Drive Mounting: Daemon Tools

Antivirus: Norton Internet Security 2005 (know it sucks but i dont need anything more)

Antispyware: Spybot, AdAware & Trend Micro Spyware Remover

Bandwidth Monitor/Traffic Shaper: Tautology Bandwidth Meter *

Disk Maintenance: Diskeeper Professional Edition, CCleaner

P2P Blocklist : Peerguardian2 *

Ram Tuner: FreeRam XP Pro 1.50 *

Office Software: OpenOffice 2.0

Etc: TreeSize

* low memory usage

PS> I haven bought an original software since i cant remember. Im so proud of myself! :)

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Browser : Opera only (duh)

Video Player : Media Player Classic / VLC

IM : none (not much for chatting online since I was a teenager)

Audio Player : Foobar2000

Archiving : WinRAR

Image Editing : Adobe Photoshop CS2

CD/DVD Burning : Nero 6 Ultra Edition

Image Mounting : Alcohol 120%

AV : eTrust EZ AV

Firewall : Router / PG2

Text editor : Notepad

P2P : µTorrent / NewsBin Pro / Bearshare Pro

Defrag : Raxco PerfectDisk

Registry cleaning: Registry FirstAid / Registry Mechanic

AntiSpyware : SpyBot S&D / GIANT AntiSpyware / Spyware Blaster / AdAware SE Pro

Media Encoding & Conversion : DVDShrink / AnyDVD / VSO DivXToDVD / #1 DVD Audio Ripper / Audio Commander / DVD Decrypter / Virtual Dub / VOB Blanker

Other System Utilities: CCleaner / Advanced Uninstaller Pro / TreeSize Pro / xplorer2

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Ok i hope this is not offtopic. But i just tried GAIM and i cdnt connect to msn.

Anybody who uses GAIM cd help me?

And how good is cFosSpeed?

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Ok i hope this is not offtopic. But i just tried GAIM and i cdnt connect to msn.

Anybody who uses GAIM cd help me?

And how good is cFosSpeed?

I think this is off-topic.

For cFosSpeed are available other posts which answer the most questions, just search.

Simple create an msn account in Gaim and then login.

What exactly is the problem with Gaim, so I may help you more if I can.

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I did exactly that in msn. But an error came out that stated connection refused. My password and username were correct. Went back to Trillian. Wanted to use GAIM coz it had gtalk and trillian didnt

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Try to connect some more times, if nothing happens and you gae again the error message, recheck your pass/nick.

Also check the use HTTP method in the advanced settings of MSN Account setup.

Sometimes I also can't connect but I finally connect after some tries.

Trillian Pro supports Google Talg but it's not freeware.

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Trillian Pro does? I have it. Dammit how did i miss that. Thx a ton for ur help dude. Ok now back to topic.

Pple keep posting !

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Browser: Firefox

Email: Gmail

Movie player: Media Player Classic

IM: Miranda IM

IRC: Miranda IM

voip in general: Google Talk

Music Player: iTunes

Unzipping: Total Commander / XP built-in

Picture browsing: Picasa

Picture editing: Picasa / Photoshop

CD burning: Nero Express 6

Image mounting: Daemon tools

Text: Editplus

CD Ripping: iTunes

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Just got TuneUp Utilities 2006.

Got rid of CCleaner and FreeRam XP Pro coz TuneUp does both. Tuneup also does defragging but i still use Diskeeper Pro.

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Trillian Pro does? I have it. Dammit how did i miss that. Thx a ton for ur help dude. Ok now back to topic.

Pple keep posting !

Miranda IM does also support Google Talk ;)

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Anything that supports the Jabber protocol supports Google Talk, so this includes (but is not limited to) Trillian, GAIM, Miranda IM, and probably a host of others.

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Silverfire, i cant seem to connect to msn using GAIM. I just do the basics they ask for like username and password and i keep gettin error in connection?

Any pointers?

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My MSN works just fine. Ensure you're running gaim 1.5.0 with the latest GTK+ 2.6 from their site or installer. Try not to install GTK+ 2.8 for win32 as there's a problem with connecting to various IM protocols. That bug is currently under investigation.

Under the MSN account setting, ensure that it's connecting to using port 1863 and double-check your proxy settings. Let us know if this works.

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-Opera 8.5

Media Player

-VLC Media Player

FTP Client

-FlashFXP 3.2.0 (Build 1080 Scene Edition)

FTP Server



CD/DVD Tools

-DVD Decrypter

-DVD Shrink




-Deepburner Portable

MP3 Player

XMPlay with Milk skin






-Power Defragmenter GUI (Uses Sysinternal's Contig.exe)

Spyware/AntiVirus (I don't actually use any of this stuff because I'm behind a firewall)


-SpybotS&D 1.4

-Ad-Aware SE Personal

Text Editor


Packet Sniffer




Audio CD Ripping

-Exact Audio Copy

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AutoPatcher XP November 2005 Antonis Kaladis & Jason Kelley

AutoPatcher XP - an installation package designed to get your Windows XP system up to date quick and easily November 10th, 14:47

Windows XP | 192 MB

LimeWire 4.9.37 LimeWire

LimeWire - Share computer files with anyone on the internet October 26th, 12:02

Windows All | 2.48 MB

GMail Drive shell extension 1.0.8 Bjarke Viksoe

GMail Drive shell extension is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google GMail account September 18th, 13:02

Windows All | 124 KB

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack 6.03 KAMI

ace mega codecs pack - a free collection of codecs, filters and tools that you'll find useful December 21st, 23:05

Windows All | 49.2 MB

NOD32 Antivirus System 2.51.8 Eset

NOD32 Antivirus System provides well balanced, state-of-the-art protection against threats endangering your PC August 6th, 22:28

Windows All | 8.24 MB

PeerGuardian 2.0 Beta 6b Phoenix Labs

PeerGuardian - a powerful yet petite firewall application especially designed for P2P users September 19th, 12:41

Windows All | 861 KB

Notepad++ 3.3 Don HO

Notepad++ is a source code editor for the programmer and a better text editor November 12th, 20:19

Windows All | 907 KB

Konfabulator 2.1.1 Pixoria inc

Konfabulator is a program that allows users to add widgets to their Windows desktop August 5th, 21:23

Windows XP | 8.8 MB

LogonUI Boot Randomizer 3.9.60 UserXP

A logon and boot screens manager for Windows March 5th, 20:42

Windows XP | 362 KB

The Gimp 2.3.5

The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program November 5th, 17:29

Windows All | 7.55 MB

GetRight 5.2d Headlight Software

Improves your file downloading with resuming of broken downloads, error recovery, download acceleration.. with THE BEST tool February 25th, 11:08

Windows All | 3.17 MB

Gaim 1.5.0 Gaim Team

Gaim - universal instant messenger client for AIM, ICQ, MSN, IRC, Yahoo, and Jabber August 12th, 08:02

Windows All | 6.64 MB

Guifications 2.12 Gary Kramlich

Guifications is a plugin for gaim that adds toaster style popups to gaim. August 3rd, 22:34

Windows All | 196 KB

FileZilla 2.2.17 botg

FileZilla is a free Fast FTP client for Windows with a lot of features October 26th, 07:28

Windows All | 3.31 MB

CCleaner bigdog

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a freeware system optimisation tool November 24th, 15:41

Windows All | 528 KB

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner 1.13.03 Kephyr

Detect spyware, adware, trojan, keylogger and trackware components March 14th, 16:42

Windows All | 727 KB

Ace Utilities HariKrishnan

Ace Utilities - collection of System Maintenance Tools to Keep Your System Running Smooth November 14th, 20:30

Windows All | 2.13 MB

Rainlendar 0.22 Rainy

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar that displays the current month October 26th, 06:38

Windows All | 723 KB

Rainmeter 0.13 Rainy

Rainmeter is a customizable performance meter July 25th, 15:13

Windows All | 426 KB

SpyBot - Search & Destroy 1.4 Final Patrick Kolla

SpyBot-S&D searches your harddisk for so-called spy or adbots June 1st, 21:02

Windows All | 4.8 MB

RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader 1.2 Benjamin Pasero

A RSS & RDF newsreader written in Java using SWT as graphic library September 27th, 11:32

Windows All | 4.72 MB

TuneXP 1.5 Final Driver Heaven

One of the best and most powerful Windows XP tweakers ever April 8th, 23:28

Windows All | 1 MB

TuneUp Utilities 2006 5.0.2331 TuneUp Software GmbH

TuneUp Utilities - the complete tuning solution for your PC September 25th, 16:14

Windows All | 8.67 MB

Teamspeak Teamspeak Systems

With Teamspeak you can Speak witth other People about the Internet. Up to 100000 People on one server or a littel clan server. August 11th, 14:55

Windows All | 5.59 MB

Spy Sweeper Webroot Software

Spy Sweeper - detect and remove all common forms of spyware programs including Trojans, system monitors, keyloggers and adware November 18th, 08:40

Windows All | 8.19 MB

WinRAR 3.51 RarSoft

RAR (WinRAR), the powerful archiver and archive manager (Win32, Linux, Mac) October 10th, 20:50

Windows All | 990 KB

µTorrent 1.2.1 (build 341) Ludvig Strigeus

µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client sporting a very small footprint November 24th, 09:58

Windows All | 107 KB

Mp3tag 2.33f Beta Florian Heidenreich

Mp3tag is the universal Tag editor for various audio formats November 24th, 16:27

Windows All | 1.49 MB

xplorer² Zavarakatranemia

xplorer² - lightweight yet powerful tabbed dual pane file and information manager October 27th, 12:42

Windows All | 1.02 MB

Style XP 3.14 TGT Soft

Style XP - change the themes and visual styles of Win XP November 16th, 19:38

Windows XP | 18.7 MB

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 1.10 Microsoft

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool it will help to remove specific, prevalent malicious software from infected systems November 9th, 07:21

Windows All | 988 KB

SpywareBlaster 3.4 Javacool

SpywareBlaster - the original anti-spyware protection solution May 16th, 06:31

Windows All | 2.44 MB

TweakUI 2.10 Microsoft

Free tweak tool from Microsoft July 17th, 11:04

Windows XP | 147 KB

XP-Antispy 3.95 Chriss Conel

XP-Antispy - disable all the known 'Suspicious' Functions in Windows XP October 4th, 02:40

Windows XP | 326 KB

TCP Optimizer 2.0.2

TCP Optimizer - Optimize Dialup, DSL and Cable all from one interface October 13th, 13:12

Windows All | 596 KB

Process Explorer 9.25 Sysinternals

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded August 23rd, 08:02

Windows All | 556 KB

TCPView 2.4 Sysinternals

TCPView - a detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints April 16th, 17:41

Windows All | 82 KB

Regmon 7.02 Sysinternals

Regmon is a monitoring utility that will show you which applications are accessing your Registry August 29th, 14:47

Windows All | 108 KB

Pagedefrag 2.32 Sysinternals

Pagedefrag - defragment your paging files and Registry hives July 13th, 09:48

Windows NT/2K/XP/2003 | 44 KB

Autoruns 8.31 Sysinternals

AutoRuns - see what programs are configured to startup automatically when your system boots and you login October 28th, 08:15

Windows All | 274 KB

DAEMON Tools 4.00 Home Edition DAEMON Tools

DAEMON Tools - Advanced application for multiprotection emulation November 15th, 19:32

Windows All | 1.39 MB

3D Studio Max 7.0 Discreet

3D Studio Max 7 - the world's most widely used professional 3D modeling October 17th, 21:16

Windows 2K/XP/2003 | 85.1 MB

Unlocker 1.7.5 Cedrick Collomb

Unlocker is an explorer extension to release handles on locked files or folders November 14th, 17:46

Windows 2K/XP | 172 KB

WinBar 2.0.4 alpha johnwoo

WinBar is a free and compact program that lets you monitor your system and provides easy access to frequently used controls. July 11th, 16:13

Windows All | 216 KB

Foxit PDF Reader 1.3.1111 FoxIt Software

free reader for PDF (eBook) documents. A small alternative to Adobe Reader for open PDF files November 12th, 15:39

Windows All | 1.15 MB

XP Codec Pack 1.2.6 XP Codec Pack

XP Codec Pack is one of the most complete codec pack which helps you to play all major audio and video formats November 9th, 21:47

Windows All | 5.56 MB

LClock 1.62b Ying Han

free Longhorn systray clock program September 19th, 22:52

Windows XP/2003 | 186 KB

NetMeter Beta 2 ReadError

NetMeter is a small, customizable network bandwidth monitoring program July 8th, 02:03

Windows All | 601 KB

Startup CPL 2.8 Mike Lin

A nifty control panel applet January 2nd, 20:16

Windows All | 0.58 MB

Windows XP Product Key Modifier Ryan Lederman

This application automates the task of changing your Windows XP product key November 12th, 15:05

Windows All | 0.28 MB

Graphical Interface to RegSvr32 1.0 Igor

This program allows to register/unregister DLLs using RegSvr32 tool which is included with Windows June 15th, 11:21

Windows All | 8 KB

RockXP 3.0 Korben

Retrieve and change your XP key, save your activation file, etc May 30th, 23:50

Windows XP | 0.37 MB

Safe XP Theorica Software

Safe XP - improves system performance and makes your Windows to run faster, more secure and more stable July 14th, 13:25

Windows All | 351 KB

GSpot 2.52 b01 Build 040915 Steve G

FREE Video codec identification utility September 18th, 09:50

Windows All | 185 KB

Registry Commander 1.04.3054 Registry Tweak

A replacement for the registry editor that comes with Windows December 22nd, 22:01

Windows All | 561 KB

Safarp 0.5 Romain Vallet

Safarp - Small and fast replacement for the Add or Remove Programs dialog of Windows 2000/XP August 9th, 08:29

Windows 2K/XP/2003 | 130 KB

Starter CodeStuff

Starter - Free startup manager July 5th, 21:33

Windows All | 0.51 MB

Resource Hacker Angus Johnson

Free utility to view, modify, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables October 14th, 09:42

Windows All | 537 KB

EasyCleaner Toni Arts

A small program which searches Windows' registry for entries that are pointing nowhere June 20th, 20:33

Windows All | 2.67 MB

Control Panel Applet Generator 2.00 Manitools Software

Create ControlPanel applets without programming March 29th, 10:06

Windows All | 1.01 MB

Boss Key 1.6 VicMan Software

Boss Key permits you to hide immediatlly active program window using a hot key December 23rd, 06:01

Windows All | 303 KB

X-Pass 2.01 Weird

It reveal ANY Windows password field (usually marked with asterisks) October 15th, 17:34

Windows NT/2K/XP | 9 KB

xpy 0.9.2 jan t. sott

xpy - a small tool which disables the default threats of a windows xp installation November 7th, 16:18

Windows XP | 82 KB

RootkitRevealer 1.56 Sysinternals

RootkitRevealer is an advanced root kit detection utility November 7th, 13:48

Windows NT/2K/XP | 182 KB

TrueCrypt 3.0a TrueCrypt Foundation

Free open-source disk encryption December 11th, 15:23

Windows All | 630 KB

HTTrack Website Copier 3.40 beta1 Xavier Roche

FREE Website Copier/Offline Browser. Copy websites to your computer September 27th, 11:26

Windows All | 3.26 MB

VoipBuster 2.06 build 166 beta Global IP Sound Inc

VoipBuster - If you like voip, you will love the VoipBuster August 10th, 00:01

Windows 2K/XP | 1.71 MB

cPicture LE 1.2 cPicture

a modern software to support your digital picture workflow October 31st, 19:32

Windows All | 0.7 MB

Belarc Advisor Belarc, Inc

Belarc Advisor - builds detailed profile of your installed software and hardware August 15th, 15:23

Windows All | 824 KB

EVEREST Home Edition 2.20.466 Beta Lavalys

Everest Home Edition - a freeware system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution November 17th, 12:18

Windows All | 4.38 MB

Faber Toys 2.6 Build 52 Fabio Vescarelli

A system utility, mainly developed for power users who want to know what s going on in their Personal Computer October 4th, 06:25

Windows All | 661 KB

AccessEnum 1.32 Bryce Cogswell

AccessEnum gives you a full view of your file system and Registry security settings in seconds September 20th, 16:09

Windows NT/2K/XP/2003 | 26 KB

Agent Ransack 1.73 build 332 David Vest

The professional file searching utility for Windows August 19th, 21:31

Windows All | 791 KB

RegShot 1.72 TiANWEi

Quickly take a snapshot of your registry and then compare it with a second one March 5th, 22:19

Windows All | 55 KB

BGInfo 4.07 Sysinternals

BGInfo automatically generates desktop backgrounds that include important information about the system including IP addresses... January 17th, 13:15

Windows All | 244 KB

Interface Traffic Indicator 1.3.5 Carsten Schmidt

Interface Traffic Indicator - Network monitoring software October 22nd, 08:23

Windows All | 785 KB

NetGraph Nikola Dachev

Small realtime network connection monitoring tool January 19th, 02:01

Windows All | 52 KB

NVTweak (Formerly Coolbits) 1.71 h4ck 3d

Coolbits unleashes hidden function within ForceWare drivers, it enables several new Direct3d and OpenGL configuration tabs...etc January 25th, 18:23

Windows All | 1.11 MB

a-squared (a2) HiJackFree Emsi Software

a-squared HiJackFree is a detailed system analysis tool which helps advanced users to detect and remove worms and spyware March 12th, 00:30

Windows All | 497 KB

PC Wizard 2005.1.65

Powerful system information utility designed especially for detection of hardware June 16th, 08:50

Windows All | 1.97 MB

Crimson Editor 3.70 Ingyu Kang

A professional source editor for Windows October 13th, 18:37

Windows All | 1.10 MB

What's Running Christer Fahlgren

What's Running is a product that gives you an inside look into your system September 27th, 09:02

Windows 2K/XP/2003 | 1.08 MB

3d Traceroute 2.1.8:18 Holger Lembke

3d Traceroute is A full blown three dimensional traceroute program August 31st, 08:18

Windows 2K/XP | 1.55 MB

Attribute Changer 5.23 Romain Petges

Change attributes and date/time stamps on file and folders January 28th, 09:02

Windows All | 726 KB

Ethereal 0.10.13 Gerald Combs

Ethereal - a free network protocol analyzer for Windows and Unix October 20th, 08:33

Windows All/Unix | 10.8 MB

WinDirStat 1.1.2 Bernhard Seifert

A disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool July 18th, 14:15

Windows All | 725 KB


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cripes, that's one long list... could've cut that in half by editing out the various needless info. :) I'm sure most of us can find whatever program you listed from googling it. ;)

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alot of them are usb apps, i can run off my usb and on my home comp, their all fantastic. Ive been putting that list together for a while now. Some of them do the same things, the only reason i kept them is cause their equally good. I could probably take off 5-10 progs like that.

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SpywareBlaster is awesome! Prevention is always better than cure. And it prevents spyware from infecting ur system while at the same time doesnt run in ur taskbar and use up memory usage such as products like spyware doctor.

Together with Spybot and Adaware, ur system is as good as secure. (For spyware i mean)

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Spybot S&D has an immunize function similar to SpywareBlaster, you can use both to get even better protection. :)

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