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µTorrent 1.2.3-beta Unicode


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I'm proud to present the first Unicode-enabled version of µTorrent. This will make it possible for international users to use µTorrent to download files with special character sets. It will also make it simpler for translators to translate µTorrent to their native languages.

Please note that old torrents might not find the corresponding files if the filenames contain extended characters. If you re-add the torrents in the Unicode version, it should work fine.

Download it here:

http://utorrent.com/download.php (You need Windows NT or later)

Full changelog:

--- 2005-11-30: Version 1.2.3-beta (build 356)

- Feature: UNICODE!

- Feature: Added option to sort downloads based on the label.

- Feature: Autodetect if the language textfile is utf8 or ansi.

- Feature: Rate limit DHT traffic.

- Fix: Use atomic movefile when saving resume file on XP

- Fix: Better utorrent.exe.log if translation loading fails

- Fix: Fix bug that DHT got stuck in (Login)

- Fix: Fixed some crash bugs. (Thanks to the crash dumps)

- Fix: Hopefully worked around the file open crash. (Caused by Adobe Acrobat 7).

- Fix: Fix crash bug if an invalid filename is selected in the opendialog.

- Fix: Fix crash when removing torrents.

- Fix: Fix sorting in pieces tab

If you'd like to be notified of new releases by e-mail, please visit this thread.


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System is Win 98 SE, 1 gig of ram, P4 2.8ghz

1.2.2 works fine, but this new 1.2.3 Beta Unicode generates a crash (unable to generate crash dump) and an error as follows:

UTORRENT-1 caused an invalid page fault in

module MSVCRT.DLL at 018f:780115e7.


EAX=00000000 CS=018f EIP=780115e7 EFLGS=00010246

EBX=00000000 SS=0197 ESP=0067fca4 EBP=0067fd8c

ECX=0042841c DS=0197 ESI=00000002 FS=3b67

EDX=00410073 ES=0197 EDI=00000000 GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

66 89 10 41 41 66 85 d2 74 0a 66 8b 11 66 89 16

Stack dump:

00435060 0041844e 00000000 0042841c 00000000 008c0910 00000000 0041ba99 00000000 780417a4 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

Hope you get it fixed. I really dig Utorrent so far.

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Thank you both very much. I will submit it.

I really like Utorrent. It is a nice alternative and I'm having fun getting to learn how to use it. I just hope I can find a way to make it as fast in overall download speed as Bit Spirit (on the same config/system/OS) and then I'll be all set for my core bit torrent needs.

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The new unicode is NOT for Windows 98. As it says on the download page, It's only for Windows 2000 and up.


Will I be stuck at 1.2.2 forever?

OH NO3S!!!

Please don't abandon me... :(

I downloaded it from BETANEWS and it says: Windows 2000/2003/9x/Vista/XP

Oh man...

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The new unicode is NOT for Windows 98. As it says on the download page, It's only for Windows 2000 and up.

is it only now in beta unicode don't work for win 98 or will µTorrent unicode never work with win 98?

Not that it bothers me because I use win XP, its just nice to know :)

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unicode will never work in windows 98.

Windows 98 does not have unicode support.

Is it possible to do all the bug fixes and everything else and release a separate version for 98 that does not have Unicode?

Or allow for a command-line parameter at startup like: UTORRENT.EXE /NOUNICODE

Or something like that? Maybe auto-sense if Win 9x, do not enable Unicode support at startup?

I don't wanna have to fork out $99 just to use this nifty free app called Utorrent.

I hope that's not asking too much.

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sweet :) m 1st ask is what exactly is unicode .. i still dont now what is this ... and i have one bug on evry bit torrent clien bit comet azureus utorrent .. u torrent is clien n1 for me .. but m bug if let client downloading files hmm 1.4 gigs and more i shut down monitor and i go out of home after i come later.. 3-5 hours m computer is stucked .. if i dont let downlaoding anythin m computer works fine uptime 24 hours without any stuck .. i using adsl connection ... i dont now if can someone fix this and i dont if someone understnad what i wrote because m english suck .. but if someone fix this utorrent become the BEST client for downloading ever! this alll what i can say bye good people

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@ludde: I don't know if you could do anything with this or if it helps to solve the problem:

apparently a layer over the Win32API if needed which requires a 160kb dll (unicows.dll)

The Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/Me Systems


@cTn: Older Windows Systems were limited to 8 Bit so they could only use/show256 signs, letters and numbers (actually even less, since some of them are control characters and thus not printable like 13 = carriage return)

Unicode contains as well national subsets of mainly letters (like umlauts) and the newer Win (since Windows NT4.0 if I'm not mistaken) Versions circumvent the 8Bit-limitation that's basically it...

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