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Well, something's wrong on your end then. The link works perfectly fine here, and obviously, for schnurlos as well.

At any rate, I haven't updated it since whenever the changelog shows was the latest date (and that was a while ago), so schnurlos' mirror should be fine.

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I can't post in Trac:


That message is false, I was trying to post one bug (the first).

The bug:

µTorrent 1.8.3 / webUI 0.362

Seeders/leechers number incorrect

webUI v0.362 / µTorrent 1.8.3

Screenshot of µTorrent 1.8.3:


The numbers here are correct, they coincide with the tracker.

In webUI 0.362:


The numbers here are totally incorrect, except in the last torrent, they don't coincide with either the tracker or the μTorrent.

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The numbers aren't incorrect. They're simply different from the numbers shown in the UI. The numbers µTorrent sends to WebUI are the numbers in the peer cache only, not the tracker scrapes.

As for the Trac error... There's a bug in the way the Trac installation is detecting user IP addresses. The end result is that everyone posting to Trac appears (to the server) to have an IP of, including the hundreds of spammers. Annoying.

Edit: First post updated with a newish build (I uploaded to the Google site on 2009-07-25, but neglected to announce it here).

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@ffjason, freeky5: No, because the people that control the µTorrent backend are (unsurprisingly) the µTorrent developers. If you need more features than the current API provides, you're going to have to wait until they implement new API requests.

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Right, so found a bit of time to take a quick look through the code, and the bug was indeed introduced by the MooTools upgrade. Fortunately, it was a simple one-liner (basically, MooTools neglected to send one additional parameter to one of the DOM event callbacks).

Edit: To be perfectly clear, the fix was applied to MooTools' "Drag.js" component. I'm not sure whether it was actually a MooTools regression, or if MooTools hadn't ever passed (and was designed to not pass) the event object along when it fired the "cancel" event handler. It may well have been always this way, and Directrix himself had made a modification to suit his needs -- I don't know.

New version here. (For those of you who don't feel like redownloading the whole zip, just get this file, rename it to mootools.js.gz, and replace the existing mootools.js.gz from the 2009072507335392 build.)

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Thanks for this new webUI version. I noticed some "bugs" with uT 1.8.4 (16150).

1/ When you browse the left pane (All, Downloading, Completed... Labels etc), the webUI looses the info in General and Files tabs from the current torrent job you have selected, and I have to re-click on it to "reload" info even if it is already grayed out.

So the focus on these2 tabs seems to disappear.

That's not the same behavior in uT.

2/ Surely reported but the peer number in swarm is reported as "¿?".

Is it connected to this possible explanation (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=420931#p420931)?


3/ It's relative to columns in the main window.

++ When the horizontal scroolbar is completely on the left, I can drag & drop each column header visible in the window then move the colum. I see the multi-directional mouse cursor.

++ When I move the horizontal scroolbar on the right (not necessarily at the end), I can't move columns, I just see the left-right arrows as mouse cursor to enlarge the column width.

Is it normal?

4/ Some small feature requests:

4.1/ Add maximum UL & DL rates (Preferences > Bandwidth) on Speed Graph if possible.

4.2/ Reset the order (and the width if possible) of columns (in main window & Files tab) to the default of uT.

I see the left click on column header behaves as the right click (i.e. sorting), so maybe it is possible to use it to reset.

5/ Question: how to reset column order in webUI?

Thanks for reading me. ;)

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A quick request. Would it be possible to re-order the "Label" sub-menu of the context menu? If you have lots of labels set then the "New Label" and "Remove Label" options disappear off the bottom of the screen, making it impossible to remove labels from torrents. If these were the first two options, they'd always be available. I don't think it's necessary to make all the labels available on the context menu, although if you want to implement some kind of scrolling or paged menu that would be cool.

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