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µTorrent 1.8.4 released


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While they're looking at the availability regression, I'd suggest looking at the overall functioning. I loaded a torrent with 54 seeds and 16667 wouldn't download a drop of it. I backtracked to 16442 and immediately the torrent took off with 300kb/s. Tested with 2 other torrents - same result. No firewall.

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I have a problem:

downloading and sending is interrupted often and I noticed that the report I see this

[2009-10-01 23:19:25] Unbanned

[2009-10-01 23:19:29] Unbanned

[2009-10-01 23:26:23] Unbanned

[2009-10-01 23:26:28] Unbanned

[2009-10-01 23:40:52] Unbanned

[2009-10-01 23:40:57] Unbanned

use the version 1.8.4 (build 16688)

this is normal?

Nobody knows why utorrent bans the IP of my router? :rolleyes:

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Using the latest 1.8.4 build, but tested with 16442 as well:

=> 9 torrents running with a 60kb/s global upload limit. All's fine.

=> add a torrent with a 4kb/s individual upload.

All is not fine anymore. The new torrent's individual cap becomes the global limit in practice (even though it's still set at 60).

Anyone else having this happen?

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