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utorrent works on LINUX!


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µTorrent was bought by BitTorrent Inc (in part) so that its use could be expanded to being embedded in hardware. Yes, they bought the source code, and specifically said that they wouldn't be making it open source. Why not make it open source? It's been discussed plenty of times before, so search the forum if you care to find out. In any case, their ball, their court, their call, I'm not sure what else to say about that.

Open source is great, but it's not the be-all-end-all solution to everything, and isn't necessarily the best for everything all the time either. People have their own philosophies -- that's all. This thread isn't about to get carried off into another open source vs closed source holy flamewar (as it so often turns into), so I think I'll just halt my end of the discussion here...

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new question for a coder (propably Firon again): What function do you use to display bullet in upload/download limit drop down list? That bullet (Dot next to the current speed) doesnt work under Wine and I want to file a bug report.

New utorent betas tree view works 100% in Wine now (code in git repository). Comctl32 guy fixed it (implemented missing functionality) in like 10 minutes :)

back to DHT. Is there something special about utorrent 'open port' test? I want to make a reliable test case for this bug. Does it check periodically? or is it 'first test fails so we assume firewalled and dont bothger any longer'?

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The network health indicator in the status bar (the one next to the speed status,etc) has nothing to do with DHT other than its icon being next to the DHT status.

It shows wether or not you're getting incoming peer connections.

As long as you have incoming peer connections established, it's green.

It doesn't attempt to contact a test server on its own at all.

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Ryan Norton thanks for the info

DreadWingKnight I know it has nothing to do with DHT in utorrent, but it has in wine bug :)

anyway im asking because I can fire up utorrent without firewall, it will display green icon, then I can fire up firewall, check from outside that my listening port is firewalled


Error! Port 31618 does not appear to be open.

+tcpdump shows my firewall bouncing back traffic to 31618, and after ~5-10 minutes all trafic goes on different ports (obviously only with peers that have open ports)

and it will still display green icon (20 minutes and counting), starting/stopping seeding/downloading doesnt change the icon - that makes me think utorrent does this open port test only once when it starts + in some special situations (when dht stops working?).

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Eh? Again, DHT should have no bearing on the port forwarding state, whether it's enabled, disabled, has 0 nodes conected, or has 250 nodes connected. If it is affecting your port forwarding state, then that means your networking hardware can't handle the number of UDP packets generated by DHT, and is getting overloaded.

µTorrent checks the state of the port based on the incoming connections it's receiving throughout the time that it's open. If it only checked it once, it couldn't possibly change the icon more than once while it's opened -- and it does change the network status icon constantly.

And FWIW, Firon isn't a µTorrent developer :P Only the people with the "BitTorrent Developer" title are.

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"Eh? Again," im talking about "DHT bug" in wine, ok, forget about DHT.

>µTorrent checks the state of the port based on the incoming connections it's receiving

>throughout the time that it's open. If it only checked it once, it couldn't possibly change the

>icon more than once while it's opened -- and it does change the network status icon


can you test that on latest beta? as I said 20 minutes of firewalled running = still green icon, in fact its been couple of hours and still green icon

Run without firewall on listening port then turn on firewall, does it change the icon for you?

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uTorrent is a very nice application and I think it is the best BitTorrent client available for the Windows platform, however... running it on Linux/*nix with "wine" isn't that nice (is it? Really? ;) ). For the *nix platform I'd recommend Deluge ( http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/ ): it's native (Python + GTK), simple, clean and powerful (just like uTorrent on Windows... well, actually uTorrent is more mature, but Deluge seems a good alternative).

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so currently wine has only few minor issues

-tray icon transparency

-tray minimize

-CheckMenuRadioItem un speed limits

-CBN_SELENDOK in speed graph time resolution

-right click on speed limits, right bottom of the utorrent window

I have to write bug report on the last one, but again dont know exactly whats at fault

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(the following gets a bit technical)

The problem with the right-click on the download/upload on the status bar is that the dwItemSpec member of the NMMOUSE structure wine sends on the status bar's NM_RCLICK event does not contain the expected value. On Windows it is the part number the user clicked on (zero-based index), but Wine sends a number for it that I don't know where it got the value for - i.e. appears the same for several of the status bar parts and sometimes even (randomly?) changes each time.

Albiet the MSDN documentation on this point seems somewhat sparse.

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MSDN looks quite clear to me, submitting the bug.


two bugs fixed in two days :)



3 to go

- tray icon transparency (global wine bug)

- tray minimize (global wine bug)

- CBN_SELENDOK in speed graph time resolution (global wine bug, patch in near future)

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found new bug

click "set download location" on a finished/stopped torrent, dialog window will open with text "choosing where to download blabla .." and the next line will be cropped plus if torrent catalog exist on the disk its folder envelope will be open, but not highlighted


any details what function is/are failing (1 cropping, 2 highlighting) would be welcome before I submit the bug to wine bugzilla

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kokobaroko - that is just the standard folder chooser dialog (SHBrowseForFolder), so there are no functions failing; it just would appear that the dialog they bring up is buggy :).

BTW kokobaroko do you notice that the background color of the caption in the speed wizard is wrong? For example on my darwine it is grey but it should be white (the same as the rest of the top part). Maybe it is specific to darwine.


TECH: The problem here is that the default background color of text calls (SetBkColor) is not white as it is on real windows (specified in Programming Windows); instead it appears to be the background color of the window it is drawing to.

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1 this is the first app with cropped text in folder browser dialow window that i have, thats why im asking :) afair on windows the default folder is highlighted by default, in wine its only open

2 now that you mentioned it I see it, it is grey background text in white background window, it was in plain sight so I had to specifically look for it :)


ok, i made one report


I suspect encoding, is uTorrent trying some unicode kungfu on that string?

I read some more about SHBrowseForFolder, but couldnt find how do you tell it what folder to highlight as a default open one

about http://img524.imageshack.us/my.php?image=clipboard01sn3.png

isnt this color white only with default windows color sheme? imo you should set it to what you want before displaying text anyway.

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