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µTorrent Server 3.0 alpha build 27079 (for Linux) - x86


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Thanks for that version, look good, since quite all linux pc run now on 64 bits OS, it will be great to have the x86 64 build but that's a good start at all.

I waiting the GUI and to can test the native 64 bits.

Thanks for all great work

Best Regards


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I am encountering the following error when I run the program:

utserver: 1:ELF4Àt: not found

utserver: 2: 4: not found

utserver: 7: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

Is it because I am 64 bit?

Yes. You need to have 32-bit compatibility installed for this to work. Many distros do not come with it installed anymore.

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for me it seems like my config file won't load' date=' even if i put junk in it...

this is what i have so far [url']http://codepad.org/KgP6LicD

You need to include a colon between the setting name and its value.


i'm gonna be testing that after this download completes.

Also, if i change stuff in the webui, and then ctrl+c the process all of the changed settings seem to be gone when i start it again.

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issues that i have noticed:

• config file does not seem to load, even if i put errors in it the webinterface always launches with zero settings. (webui port seems to stick though (which i set when i launched the webui earlier)).

• torrent > files list is there, but the % on the files is wrong (example torrent with one file, completed 100% but in files it says 94.2% done)

• "4 of 210 connected (¿? in swarm)" wtf

othervise perfect, but yes well i need the settings to work for me to be able to use it properly...

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I had luck running this version on Ubuntu 10.10 Beta x64, with no CPU load issues.

This is how i did it:

1. Extracted the .tar.gz file from http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/linux

2. Updated ia32-libs in Synaptics Package Manager.

3. Dubble-clicked the extracted ut-server file

4. Opened my web-browser and typed in

5. When asked for username/password, typed in admin/(blank)

µTorrent is running natively in Ubuntu 10.10 Beta x64.



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Would this be able to run under Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS i386?

It's likely to be OK. I'm running Ubuntu desktop 10.04 LTS i386 on two workstations I use to develop and test the product. Nightly builds (including the ones released) are built and tested on an Ubuntu 9.10 image.

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works so far great on a 2.6.32-24-generic #42-Ubuntu x86_64 (i32 libs installed of course).

Excellent with memory usage, 46564 on my top, while 551M my qbittorrent with same torrents open.

web ui works great with chromium browser 5.0.375.127~r55887-0ubuntu0.10.04.1

One request thoug. Can we have an option to change directories for torrents? Since I am migrating to utorrent server, I would like to have an option to seed old torrents that don't reside in the default directory listed in the settings.

Now I have to create symlinks :(

Apart from that, seem like a great job.


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Good day.

I would like to describe a small problem I had with the μtorrent server. Ok the reason it broke was... I.

I have a remotely mounted filesystem, where i had few ISOs that I needed to seed.

I soft linked the ISOs to the 'default' download path of μtorrent, and started the server.

After a couple of days I 'lost' the mount point due to a hardware problem.

I managed to unmount the partitions, and I stopped the torrents from μtorrent server. The problem was trying to shutdown the server (utserver). I pgrep'ed the process name, pkilled it, killed -9, killed his parent, tried sigdev and coredump, but I couldn't really kill the processes. I even tried to unlink the proc from the proc table. I wanted to kill it, as when I tried to run it again it wouldn't bind on the netport for the gui. (and probably wouldn't upload/download either)

I am not bitching or anything, after all its an alpha build and it runs under my responsibility, but I really had to reboot my workstation (and thus been mocked by all my windows users friends).

I didn't keep any 'logs' or strace/lsof logs as it was rather late, and I my choice was bed and not logs.

I promise next time I will be more thorough logging all the events, and traces, but I am not sure if you can/or have seen this behavior (staying alive as zombie till the end of times).

Now I am running it from within a screen, so if I run through the same issue, I have more options of loging and killing it.

I wrote this experience as its a discussion forum, and I am really happy to see the developers to actually post replies :)

So far I am really happy with the application, I see it running now straight for 3 days with total memory usage (shared and resisdent at 517156 K) which really puts a smile on my face :)

great job once again,


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I have a remotely mounted filesystem, where i had few ISOs that I needed to seed.

Thanks for the report. I've been building the server product on a stable code line branch, but one that is a few months behind the code line trunk. A couple of days ago, there was a point at which the frequently-unstable development trunk was stable (according to results of automated unit and system testing), so I created another branch from it. The new branch should have better handling of unavailable mounts (as long as the OS recognizes the mounts are unavailable). I expect to be releasing from that new branch pretty soon since it has been testing consistently well, although I'll first conduct a week-long stress test to see how the server built from the new branch performs under heavy load.

I see it running now straight for 3 days with total memory usage (shared and resident at 517156 K) which really puts a smile on my face :)

What were the memory usages you were seeing with other products (if any) under the same conditions?

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issue: unable to change priority on files within a torrent.

chrome canary (latest): FAIL (Google Chrome 7.0.524.0 (Official Build 59341) canary build)

chrome: WORKS (Google Chrome 6.0.472.59 (Official Build 59126))

firefox 3.6: WORKS

you might be using some feature in a wrong way, youtube had the same problem a few days ago where they were using some feature in a wrong way causing it not to work.



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