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µTorrent 1.5 released


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µTorrent 1.5 is released. An update (build 437) was released today, please re-download it.

This is the biggest release ever. The major changes are of course Peer Exchange and Protocol Encryption, in combination with optimizations to download speed and harddisk accesses.

The biggest GUI change is a new category list that sorts your torrents by label.

The full changelog can be found at http://utorrent.com/download/1.5/utorrent-1.5.txt


Anyone experiencing freezing in 1.5, please read and post in this thread.


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Great work Ludde, so much good stuff in this release compared to 1.4 :)

I also submitted this to Digg here: http://www.digg.com/software/%C2%B5Torrent_1.5_released_ if anyone frequents the site Digg it and draw attention to this 'cause once everyone is running 1.5 Encryption gets a whole let more viable for everyone.

Can't wait to see what you've got planned for 1.6 Ludde :D

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Hey, what is Peer Exchange? I read the FAQ, but it doesn't really explain what it is.

I don't want DHT because I use Private Trackers that don't allow DHT, so should I have Peer Exchange turned on?

Peer Exchange aka PEX will automatically disable if a torrent has a private flag.

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it doesn't auto-update because 1.5 isn't on the auto-updater yet. It will be soon though. (we needed mirrors + load balancing script)

Hehe.. You really need mirrors even though the program is only ~150 KB ?

Must be a damn pressure :)

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