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Problems with antivirus and uTorrent


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Hello all, having a slight problem with my antivirus, the thing is that when i first used uTorrent 1.1.4 it warned me for a internetworm trying to access my computer, i permitted it to continue and thats was all. now i updated to 1.1.5 and same thing, internetworm warning. now the problem here is that it warns for every single ip that i am connected to trough the program, and frankly its driving me nuts. (of course i can (and now have) shut down the protection but in the same time that does not feel totaly right)

looked up what the heck my (anti)virus was doing and came up with this

"Norton Internet Worm Protection may issue a Program Control alert based on an IP event. An IP event occurs when Norton Internet Worm Protection detects program traffic to an open port, but does not recognize the program."

i take it that there was someting that you changed in the update that it realy REALY does not like.

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Thats the thing, i already have, but its still complaining. i restarted uTorrent and Norton, but still no go for it.

*sighs* i realy hate those things you know, microsoft seems to love it. they always have a "yes" "yes ofcourse you are stuiped enough to always let us mess with your computer" "no" but neverEVER have i seen "no get your hands of my computer you filthy animal now and forever"

anyway, back to topic

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its completely useless anyway and messes with things it shouldnt.

No and yes... realy (not to mention that it slows down the whole computer like a brick.. (but i dont have any virus yet soooooo...)

im sorry if i was not clear in my previous post. i have already set it to premit uTorrent.

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Yes, i'm having the same problem here. I've set it to "permit all", which has always worked for all other uTorrent clients before this. However, this time it can ask me so many times a minute that I got so irritated I switched it off. I've got a firewall anyway, so I hope that would be good enough, but the worm problem was really driving me nuts.

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Try changing the port µTorrent uses in the network options.

I have placed it on the "randomize port" option...restarted several times.

I even disabled my anti-virus....nothing. I went as far as not allowing it to start up with windows...but it (norton) still appears in the system tray but with a red X over it indicating it's inactive.

Please assist as I left torrents dl'ing over right and sat here for 10 minutes clicking OK the the multiple windows and its still there.

making me mental.

If anyone plans on saying get another virus prog...save it

Ty in advance to anyone who can help.


I also added utorrent to the premitted list and still

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I've been having the same problem, it's a bit of a pain.

Norton and uTorrent played nice in 1.1.5, but after that Norton was snapping at uTorrent every 10 seconds. Had to switch back to 1.1.5 to calm Norton down.

Today decided to give a higher version uTorrent a try again, but the problem persists. Ended up disabling Worm Protection (hell, I use Firefox anyways, and uTorrent was the only thing that ever set it off), all is fine now. Though I sure hope it does get fixed, it was working fine before :)

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For those using Norton, try this:

Go to Personal Firewall

Go to Configure (Its at the bottom right)

Go to Custom Level (at the bottom)

Uncheck Alert When Unused Ports Are Accessed

Now I know that works for Norton Internet Security 2005 with Norton Antivirus Intergrated. I upgraded to 2005 and got alearts out the ass when I ran a p2p app.

If U got Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus installed as seperate appz, look for that setting in Antivirus too. Im speaking from experience using Internet Security w/Antivirus Intergrated.

Sometimes if U install Norton Internet Security, Antivirus gets installed seperate.

I hopes this helps some of U.

No and yes... realy (not to mention that it slows down the whole computer like a brick..)

That can be because of a few things:

1. Go to the Antivirus options. On that first screen where it says "Which files to scan for viruses", only check

Comprehensive file scanning(recommended). Next,Click the Auto Protect column to the left. U should see a dropdown menu that has "BloodHound, Advanced, etc." Go to BloodHound. Put it on Default. next, go to Advanced. Uncheck Load Auto Protect During System Boot.

When I had these AutoProtect settings set real tight, I couldnt even go to Yahoo and load a game room without it slowing down my PC. And starting my PC was slow as hell. It took forever for Desktop Icons and progs in the System Tray to load.

Norton does a good job of protecting U if All u wanna do is email, do research, and homework. If u wanna do more on the Web, its settings are a lil too tight.

about ClamWin: It seems to be getting good reviews. I was about to mention it didnt have real-time scanning, then I noticed the link under neath for winpooch. :oops: With ClamWin, along with uTorrent, I could free up ALOT of system resources. Imma have to try it out. Thanks for the links Ic3dOg and Keloran.

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i use grisoft Free AVG, much lighter than Norton (used norton for years before finding this jewel!), it doesnt hog any ressources and scans in real time like norton. no need for winpooch or anything. the updates are frequent, sometimes daily.

Although that winpooch anti trojan/spyware might be a good addition to any PC defense kit.

Here's the free edition of AVG : http://free.grisoft.com

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Uninstall that bloated P.O.S. called Norton and install a real Anti-Virus. Thank me later. :)


you will want winpooch togo with that

http://www.winpooch.com its the realtime scanning part

Hmm, clamwin seems to be a slow anti-virus, in the review that clamwin has a link to on their hompage, it said it took clamwin 6 minutes to scan a CD with 221 MB data, but with McAfee it only took 30 seconds.
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thats most likely because clamwin scans the entire file. most of the others dont thats why they work faster. nod32 , trendmicro and panda are all the antivirus's of choice. steer clear of the garbage like norton and mcafee as they are designed and sold for idiot users in mind. ( hence why most prebuilt pcs come with them) then 1 month later u get a simple virus from msn that completely disables them lol, that still makes me laugh at norton.

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never even heard of winpooch. i have used winpatrol in the past and it was pretty good. if you want antispyware you should definately look into getting spysweeper. i found it to be the best overall antispyware program available. of course if u want a free one then Adaware SE is a good choice.

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