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µTorrent 3.1 stable (build 26671)


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I also figured out the cause for mini hangs: RSS. As long as I don't have any feeds' date=' there's no hang at utorrent startup. If I add my rss.dat, then all hell breaks loose and I have mini hangs.[/quote']

Enable logging of RSS errors. what does the log say? Maybe they are not handling well bad feeds-sites.

Nothing, the log is empty.

LE: At every feed update, utorrent hangs for a couple of seconds.

LLE: Found the culprit feed. I'm going to try and re-make it.

LLLE: The same. When those 2 feeds are updated, the client hangs. The feeds are from private trackers, so how could I get them analyzed and put their info here ?

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I think we fixed that, but it can still happen with certain combinations of settings (as an unavoidable problem). You'll need to UNCHECK the bypassing of the Windows write cache to guarantee it never happens.

and the response

Just tested uTorrent 3.1 RC11 which is marked to become the next stable release.

The problem still hasn't been solved.

I haven't been able to do the MAME Titles test without getting wrong sized (padded) files, no matter which cache setting I choose.

any news about that issue?

thanks for ur time

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LE: Now this shit surfaced: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=100928 I repair one' date=' another one is broken.[/quote']

Confirmed/reported by me a while ago. I guess the devs should increase the priority of this issue :( It used to just skip the bad ones and log them.

A workaround is to open the torrent file with maketorrent 2 and save it or create the file directly with maketorrent.

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Hey guys, i dont know if this is the place to ask, but ive been searching for solutions for some week now, and im guessing its utorrent or something to do with p2p itself, not sure.

I recently got a very good inet connection.

When i test multiple FTP streams i get full speed both directions (30-40mb/s, not mbit).

When i torrent, i get full speed downstream, pretty good speed upload but not as it should be.

Anyway, the question i have really is, when i upload 5-6mb/s for example, soon as i start downloading something (it can be 2-3mb/s "only") the upload sort of dies while im downloading.

I just got a new router which is supposed to handle this kinda easy, it handles the ftp streams easy with 40mb/s both directions as i said...

But when it comes to utorrent (or torrents itself it might be) the problem i mentioned happends, and i cant find out what it is.

I have 1.5GB cache, my disk is new and working superb, 7200rpm caviar black 64mb cache.

Its not my ISP throttling torrents as far as i know.

I just dont know.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but im kinda clueless here.


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uTorrent 3.1 Build 26616 32-bit on Win 7.

Always have "Disk overloaded 100 %" (on Dedicated Caviar Black 640 GB....lol)

Before these last build it was temporary (few seconds) now it hangs forever !!!

Permanent message : (Open picture in new tab for complete view on the right)


EX : No download since 10 min, had to stop / start => Solves the problem (restart downloading)... for even not 2 minutes then again disk overloaded, nothing happens... no writing on HDD no Downloading....

Pfff.... 3.x sucks.... Should be in BETA !

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