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I'm not sure if this is a bug in the WebUI, but things look terrific in Opera 9.02 until I switch to another browsing tab. At random times when I am not looking at the browsing tab containing the uTorrent WebUI, a login popup appears, but before I can reenter my login, it times out. Either way, if I hit cancel, or if it just times out before I can enter my login info, the WebUI stops updating. Refreshing the tab page reconnects and updating resumes. Is it supposed to do this?

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Firefox with 1.6.1 BETA build 482. The webgui does work most of the time. Sometimes I get a white page... but mostly works. If I try the guest account with the index.html, I get only loading (like sometimes happens otherwise) or without that, just the gui/ and I get a white page, directed to guest.html.

Seems to work well otherwise.

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Yes, but that is the WebUI, NOT the "new µTorrent beta" which goes with it. The zip file, according to the original post should contain:

1. µTorrent beta

2. a readme file

3. another zip which contains the html, css, and js files

The zip contains:

1. a readme file

2. another zip which contains the html, css, and js files

3. a directory containing two files

It does NOT contain the µTorrent beta (I'm guessing the latest build as stated in the requirements), and thus I cannot get the WebUI to function correctly because I do not have the latest build, which was obviously to be included in the zip file, as it is written in the readme file:

Please make sure you are using the latest beta build of µTorrent (currently 1.6.1. build 482) that comes with this webui download
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You're correct, the latest µTorrent beta is not included in the zip, though it is stated in the readme and several other posts that it is. (unless, of course it's been fixed since i downloaded the zip myself earlier tonight.)

So I'll refer people to µTorrent in Deutsch for the most ridiculously comprehensive release archive of everything µTorrent. There (at least) you may find the latest beta until things get fixed.

edit: ah, he clarified for himself :)

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