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UTorrent mobile client

mr sharpoblunto

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have you set up your router port forwarding rules to forward external packets to your webui server on your LAN? There's plenty of guides on how to do this, but basically you'll need to ensure that port xxxx (whatever port you're running the webui) on your router forwards to the LAN IP of your webui machine.

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So far so good in my eyes, running on a WM6 phone with Esmertec Jbed JVM installed but I'm in need of a feature to make proper use of this; is there any chance you could add a checkbox for supporting SSL? I use the stunnel approach for a little extra security and, not knowing the architecture of your app, but having a fair idea as to how capable Java/J2ME is with web requests, I'm thinking it should be pretty easy to implement, but it would make a great deal of difference to me.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work, this has a lot of really really useful potential. I'm thinking about writing a .NET Compact Framework app for this so I can run something a little closer to native on my phone, but I've been a bit strapped for time, so for now I'm gonna try to ride on your coat tail :P

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Am using the mobile client on my Blackberry Curve 8310, and it produces the error:

"Server not found. Make sure the IP and port settings are correct"

I can navigate to the Utorrent WebUI on the server via the Blackberry browser. The port forwarding is all setup OK and can also get to the WebUI from a non-LAN PC.

I can't work out what I am doing wrong. and yes, I have triple checked the correct IP and port (and username/[password).

The network access permissions are set correctly on the Blackberry.

Please help!! Thanks you in advance. :(

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getting same issue. while the default browser wouldn't recognize the file as an installer, using the Opera browser i managed to download and install webui, but now i'm getting this error. If anyone has any suggestions for those of us with blackberries, it would be most appreciated.

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When entering the server address don't include the http:// or /gui/ at the end

e.g if your server is located at http://utorrent.example.com/gui/

you should enter utorrent.example.com as the server address, not sure what else the issue could be and I can't test as I have no blackberry.

In other news the SSL switch for the client is proving to be tricky as Java throws exceptions if the certificate is not issued by a trusted authority, which pretty much makes it useless. I think I'll include the feature anyway in the case that you can install new root certs into your phone (I can't so once again, I can't test it) In which case you may be able to get it working.

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Hope you can sort the option to "add file" using the .torrent as im having a nightmare trying to include a passkey to the .torrent url for private trackers :(

Otherwise excellent client m8 ;)

Any chance of having the option of editing the torrents tracker info once its started running in the client. I found that if you add the url for a torrent from a private tracker you get invalid passkey (tried adding the passkey to the url but no luck) However, testing on my home pc in utorrent if you right click on the torrent and open properties, you can edit the torrents tracker info and re-add the passkey to the end, which updates the tracker correctly.

So if I could edit the info in the client, private trackers should work ok, well one of the ones i use anyway.

Hope you can help?

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I just downloaded and installed this on my BB Pearl 8130... and I must say, it's quite impressive. It's simple clean and functional. Thank you so much. I was kinda upset I couldn't access the webui from my blackberry until I found this.

Just a TINY suggestion... could you clean up the icon? It's all pixellated on my BB 8130. It's really not an important request compared to functionality, but just a suggestion.

Thanks again!

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I believe the resolution of the BB Pearl 8130 is 240 x 260. I don't know the exact size of the icons, but here is an exact screenoshot of a BB pearl 8130 with the icons from the original theme it's shipped with... the icons are *about* 48 x 48 pixels give or take:


Note: There's a 1 pixel border all around the image which is why the image is 242 x 262 pixels

BUT, I am using a different theme where the icons are smaller... about 28x28 pixels... here is a screenshot of my own blackberry. As you can see, the utorrent mobile UI icon (located at the top-middle) is quite pixellated and seems like it's stretched:


Anyways, like I said this is not a very big deal. Just a suggestion for mr. sharpoblunto if he has a few minutes of spare time.

Also, something I noticed when playing with the mobile client... if I run the client and either utorrent is not running or it cannot connect to the IP for whatever reason, my entire BB freezes up until uTorrentMobile's timeout is reached, which seems to be about 80 seconds. A suggestion would be to either shorten the connection attempt timeout ... OR preferably have the java app's UI load first with a 'connecting...' screen of some sort and the ability to cancel the connection if it's taking too long to load.

I don't know if that's easy, but it would be nice.

Thanks again for your hard work.

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ok.. um weird... i can no longer connect using the mobile client. I can connect to the webui no problem, but not to the mobile client. Am I missing something? The one thing I did out of theordinary is that I have been playing around with Comodo firewall. Now, this could definitely block the mobile client from accessing utorrent, but wouldn't it block the webui as well. I can access the webui no problem.

I am using a dyndns account that redirects to my ip address. for example:


1234 is the same port that I use for downloading in utorrent, and like I said, abcd.dyndns.org:1234/gui works perfectly, so shouldn't the mobile client work fine too?

EDIT: btw, I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using webUI v0.315

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Hi, this looks creepy because I have exactly same problem, uTorrent Mobile stopped connecting few days ago.

I have HTC Diamond and was able to connect earlier but not any more. Same error message as atomicrabbit. Everything is ok with Opera Mobile browser, but not with the client.

I am running on my computer Win XP, uTorrent 1.7.7 and webUI 0.315.

I haven't made any changes on computer

Any ideas?

Oh yeah, thanks for the great app!

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Ok this is really weird. I just tried the mobile client once more and it's working ??

Just for the record, I'm using:


Windows XP Pro SP3

uTorrent v1.6.1

webUI v0.315


BlackBerry Pearl 8130

One minute it worked, the next it wouldn't connect. Now (as of 2 minutes ago) it can connect again. I made no changes to my firewall settings and no changes to the mobile app. I just started it a couple minutes ago and it connected. that's really weird.

Does the mobile client connect directly to my server or does it connect somewhere else first? I know the uTorrent mUI required that the connection be sent through their own site (utorrentmui.com) before communicating with your utorrent... does uTorrent Mobile Client work similarly?

Also I have another feature request: Individual file viewing and downloading within a torrent

is that possible?

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