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UTorrent mobile client

mr sharpoblunto

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i'm using 1.6.1 because one of the torrent sites I use does not allow v1.7+ because "it doesn't report back to their tracker properly" apparently. Believe me, I want to upgrade, but they won't add v1.7+ to their allow list.

Regardless, that's not why the mobile client wasn't working... it is compatible with 1.6.1+.. so it shouldn't make a diff.

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The client makes a direct http connection to your webui server, theres no intermediaries or anything. Aside from firewall issues, the only other thing I can think of is that depending on reception etc. http requests made from mobile devices can sometimes fail (well they do with my phone anyway). Sorry I can't offer more suggestions, but if the failure is intermittent and random then I'd have to pin the failure down on some events external to the client.

I also looked into the possibility of a loading screen, however all the http requests the client makes are synchronous (i.e they block until a response is returned) so theres no way to cancel a request once it has started unfortunately.

In other news


version 1.3 released :-)

See the first post in the thread for the download link

The main feature in this release is the ability to browse within the files in a torrent and change the download priority of those files. Also included is a bigger uTorrent icon for devices with higher screen resolutions

I couldn't get file uploading working in the end so that hasn't been included, SSL also was problematic so has not been included either.

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sir sharpoblunto...

wow... I'm just about to download and install the client. Your work is much appreciated. I'll leave you some feedback once I try it out.


just downloaded the new version. IMPORTANT: I SENT YOU AN EMAIL, read it!

First, nice updates... the icon looks great -- nice and crisp :D !! The viewing and downloading of individual files looks and works great too. One more suggestion... tracker info... I guess you can put it on the torrent info page at the bottom. Just the tracker URL and maybe tracker status would be nice, but you probably don't want to clutter the interface. Maybe a line to divide the tracker info would clean it up a bit. You decide. Again... awesome work! I love that it's simple and easy to view and navigate through the UI. thanks for the hard work!


Now... regarding the loading screen, I'm fairly skilled at programming, although I've never dabbled into java programming. I know that in VB there is a DoEvents command which processes the code so that it doesn't freeze up the interface. Normally, you would use DoEvents within a loop, so for example (pseudo-code):

for X = 0 to 10   http request X   DoEventsnext X

Basically, that would sort of update the interface. Essentially you would use that sort of code to update a progress bar, so after the "http request x" line, you would update the value of a progress bar (i.e., progressbar = 25), and the DoEvents would update it graphically.

Again, I have no idea how to program Java, nor do I know how your code makes the http requests, so what I'm saying could but utterly useless. I notices that you said "all the http requests the client makes are synchronous". I'm not sure if there are multiple http requests made at startup, but if so, and if they are in a loop of some sorts, maybe you could use a DoEvents equivalent (if one exists) within that loop (if you use one).... lol.. that's a lot of 'ifs'

Anyhow... I don't mean to rain on your parade, just trying to brainstorm... Regardless, I found this: DoEvents equivalent in Java -- I don't know if it will mean anything to you, or if your code would even allow you to implement an idea like this, but check it out.

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I could put the httpRequest in a background thread and have a callback to the main thread to indicate when the request has completed/failed. What I meant to say with the last post was that it wasn't possible without significant changes to the structure of the app, which means it wouldn't be done for a while :)

Also what I meant by 'all http requests' is that each operation results in one request, getting the list of torrents is only one request, restarting a torrent is one request etc.

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What I meant to say with the last post was that it wasn't possible without significant changes to the structure of the app, which means it wouldn't be done for a while :)

in that case, no worries! How about just making a blank screen with the name of the app and static "Loading. Please wait..." text before the http requests are initiated, just so the user knows it's doing something. Does that require a lot of reprogramming?

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This works fantastic on my Blackberry 8300 Curve. Thank you so much. Can you include the ability to add torrents by .torrent file? I would like to be able to download multiple torrent files, save them to my memory card and then be able to add them using your program. As it stands right now, I have to copy/paste each URL. whcih is a little tedious. Also, I converted the JAR files to an ALX/COD file so the Blackberry Desktop Manager will install the program. The OTA link on your site for the JAD file didn't work for my Blackberry. If you would like me to send you the files to host, please let me know.

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This app is simply beautiful.

I am running it on a Blackberry 8800. I followed the simple four steps and three commands in this thread and I was in business:

a) Download and install the RIM Java Development Environment.

from http://www.blackberry.net/developers/

B) Download and install the Sun Java SDK.



cd "c:\program files\Research in Motion\Blackberry JDE*\bin

rapc import="c:\Program Files\Research in Motion\Blackberry JDE*\lib\net_rim_api.jar" codename=URAPPNAME -midlet jad=SOURCE.jad SOURCE.jar


javaloader -usb load OUTPUT.cod



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After some break, I tried the app again. All is working :)

Strange part is that I still have no clue what caused the problems before.

I am still using same config even though I upgraded to uTorrent 1.8 and came back to 1.77. Don't know what it is, actually don't care, I will just make a backup on my phones configuration and hoping this status will remain.

This is one of the greatest apps I've ever seen on the mobile world so big thumbs up!!!

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Nice one will work great with a private tracker i use...i usually have to take note of the .torrent url and add my tracker passkey onto the end, so...

I could save a url like this example:


Then just edit the torrent id for every download on that tracker :)

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I wouldn't hard-code the torrent.file's name ... unless it still gets saved as the 302 redirect's "correct" filename according to the server. . . Have you checked out the "bookmarklet" in the WebUI sticky.. it may do what you're requiring, though i'm not sure if it's as cross platform as sharpoblunto's client :/

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hey sharpoblunto... I've been trying it off and on and probably since my last post (2008-08-20), I have not been able to successfully connect to my utorrent!

I am able to connect perfectly through the webui, but cannot connect using the mobile client. I just keep getting the following error:

Server not found.

Make sure the IP and port settings are correct.

A while back, it started working, but that only lasted a few days (I wrote about it I think on pg 2 of this thread)... Now it's back to it's old non-working self.

I recently upgraded to BlackBerry OS 4.5 (last week) and was hoping it would work after upgrading, but it didn't!

Please help. I know that a couple other users were encountering this problem, so it's not an isolated issue.

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