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UTorrent mobile client

mr sharpoblunto

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Hi guys,

A while ago after looking around for a mobile client for uTorrent and finding nothing but the now defunct utorrentmui, I wrote a Java mobile phone client for uTorrent.

It works with utorrent 1.8x-2.x and webui 0.361 aswell as 1.7x (and I think 1.6x) with 0.310 webUI


07/01/2010 uTorrent mobile - version 1.70 (source code also available)

Source Code

uTorrentMobile is open source! feel free to browse the source here.

Github page

For people experiencing issues with authentication headers being stripped from the clients requests, you can download and install this proxy authentication tool on your webUI machine.

01/31/2009 uTorrent authentication proxy - version 1.0



-added support for uploading .torrent files from the phones filesystem


-added support for uTorrent 2.x


-added support for webUI token authentication which will be enabled by default in future utorrent webUI releases. Support for token authentication is done in such a way that it is compatible with older webUI's which do not have this feature, or have it disabled.

-new icon


-fixed a spelling mistake in the connection error view


- Fixed refresh function when auto refresh is disabled


- added word wrap toggle

- added torrent ETA

- added toggle for auto torrent list refreshing


-added support for cyrillic text in torrent list

-added work around for Authorization header stripping issue


-added detailed error descriptions


-Added loading splash screen


-Added bigger utorrent icon

-added ability to browse files within a torrent and change the priority of those files (don't download,low,normal, or high priority)


-added pause all, resume all functions

-added share ratio information to torrent details screen


-Added force start option for torrents


-Add new torrents via a url

-view all torrents and thier progress + status

-Pause, resume, remove, remove+data options for induvidual torrents

-view detailed induvidual torrent information

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  • 3 weeks later...

Until you mentioned it I'd never used force start, in fact I didn't really know what it did until I looked it up :)

It was pretty easy to add to the app though so I've released a new version for download, you can find it at the same download link at the top of the thread.

cheers for the positive feedback.

UPDATE: Anyone who downloaded the 1.1 version in the few hours since I posted this notice should re-download the app, I accidentally left in some hard coded test values, which I've fixed and re-released now.

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It works, but its flaky on my WM6 phone. I have a HTC Kaiser. It will just randomly lockup, and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting the data service every time I do something. Works, but I don't think it was intended for the WM6 phones. GJ anyways. ;)

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from memory ratio is already part of the internal program model, I'm just not showing it in the UI. I could show it on the main list screen but I'm wary of making the list too cluttered especially on devices with little screen real estate. If it does look too cluttered I might just put it on the torrent details screen instead. I'll probably do it this weekend when I've got a minute.

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Hi, good little app. I mainly use this app to connect to my home server to pause all torrents before connecting with RDP or ORB. My server is behind home router with dynamic IP. Can I propose some additional functions?

- can you add "Pause All", "Resume All" ?

- is it possible to resolve IP from the server name (like solnyshok.dyndns.info)?

- a small bug - torrents with cyrillic letters in their names, do not show correctly in the list (empty rectangle boxes instead of letters.)

Thank you again.

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pause all and resume all sounds like good ideas, I'll add them to my list.

As for resolving ip addresses, it already does that, I access my utorrent via a domain name. Try entering 'solnyshok.dyndns.info' in your server address field on the settings screen.

I get the feeling that the cryllic letters issue could be phone related, i.e your phone doesn't have the necessary language support to show the characters. I could be wrong on that point, but I'm not sure I can fix this issue.

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I've released version 1.2, this release includes the following changes

- Share ratio information now shown on both torrent list and torrent details screens.

- Resume all torrents option available on torrent list screen

- Pause all torrents option available on torrent list screen

The new version is available for download from the same location as before (see the first post in the thread for the link)

Enjoy :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey i could not get mine to connect to a local ip either (obviously i tried this through my wireless), but once i started using my external ip everything worked smoothly, both through wireless and mobile internet, is there a reason your not using your external one?

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If you are trying to access the webui via mobile Internet, all requests will be coming from an external network, which means ip addresses on your local network will not be able to be resolved. Because of this you will have to use the external ip of your gateway in order for the mobile client to find your server. You'll probably have to set up port forwarding on your router and the other usual steps to get the webui running as a public facing server.

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Well, i know it's not a port forwarding problem, as i am trying to connect to my PC from within my lan. I am connecting to my network via the palm's WiFi. I really hope you can help me, this looks so promising....

i will set it up to use my external (ie, WAN) ip to see if that works.

However, if there is a way around this, i would prefer that, as by using my wan ip i am using a portion of my download allowance, however small that may be.

Unfortunately, i can't set it up at the moment, as i have exams... I will try as soon as i can.


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@ kwok17

can you navigate to your webui from your palms web browser, i.e enter (replace the ip and port to that of your webui server)

If you can navigate to it okay, put the following into the mobile client as the server address

6881 as the port

If you can navigate to it in a web browser from your device the mobile client should work as well as its making the same http requests behind the scenes. When I'm developing I use a motorola mobile emulator, and that connects to the server on my local network with no problems, however I can't test using an actual device as my mobile doesn't support wifi.

@ banik2k

I've heard one person say the app on windows mobile 6 can be a bit flaky, however if your device can run java apps and can make http requests then It should work. However as I have no idea about the htc s710 your best bet is to try it out and let us know if it works :)

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Thanks mr sharpoblunto. WebUI worked from my other pc, but not from my palm.

Then i realised that, in the webui, you can't use wildcards when allowind access from specific domains. Once i changed that, it worked fine.

Thanks for the great app.

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Just wanted to say thanks mr sharpoblunto, for a wicked app! It works great with my Nokia n95 8GB!

Could I be cheeky and ask for one last feature to be implemented if possible ;)

Currently, as far as I can see, the only way to add new torrents via a mobile is to point to the web address of the torrent file. Whilst this may be easy on a pc with a mouse, keyboard, cut and paste, copy link location, etc, etc; on my mobile, and I'm sure most others, it's impossible if not hugely time consuming, to navigate and find the addresses of the torrents you want and then type them back into the Web UI window.

As most of the torrent files themselves are only 1 - 2kb, I can download these quickly and easily to my phone. It would be great if the 'add file' option that exists in the normal Web UI could be brought across to your app, so I can browse my phone and upload torrent files that I've downloaded.

I dont know if this is at all possible, but it would be the icing on the cake if you could put it together.

Regardless of the outcome, thanks again for a great app! :)

All the best


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