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UTorrent mobile client

mr sharpoblunto

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@mr sharpoblunto: I don't have a device to test your application on, so I hope you don't mind my asking... Does uTorrent Mobile Client support token authentication? We would like to enable it by default, and among the independent WebUI projects, yours is one of the more popular ones, so we would like to avoid breaking it by default. If it doesn't already support token authentication, implementing support would be a good thing for users, as enabling webui.token_auth by default decreases the default attack surface area on µTorrent.

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@bhvm: this program allows you to control uTorrent that resides on a computer via uTorrent Webui from a cell phone.

@mr sharpoblunto: can you please check out my reply on the previous page and see if you can help me out with the problem once and for all.. I really appreciate your help up until now, but I still have not resolved anything.

Thanks!! :)

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hi, thank you for your smart little app.

however i can not install it into my motorola mpx220, it reports: not designed for this device, error code -40

I'm running µTorrent 1.8.2 build 15357 with WebUI 0.361 and µTorrent Mobile 1.52

pls check

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Smart little application. :)

I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work on my Motorola K1 RAZR any more. :(

During the splash screen (I guess it's connecting, since the phone is asking for confirmation to connect to the internet) it slows down more and more (the scrolling "Loading..." text at the top) and finally crashes with an "Application error" message.

I'm running µTorrent 1.8.2 with WebUI 0.361 and µTorrent Mobile 1.52.

I wrote "any more" since an earlier version (1.3 something, I think) did work.

Any suggestions?

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plz help me.

i use utorrent on pc...n m rly fresh new in dis wid utorrent.

i hav NOKIA5130d phone.

n i want to use utorrent on phone too.

i hav dwnloaded d application on my phone.

its asking for server ip nd port(wch is alrdy enterd i.e 6681) username nd password.

i got d ip adrees from ipconfig in command prompt.

still aftr entering d ipaddress...my phone is showing msg chek ur http connection.

i use opera mmini in my phoone but d net connection was ok dere.

i use mobile net on my pc.my phone act as a modem. while using utorrent on pc i get max speed of 12kb/s and min speed of 1kb/s.

i found dis forum...and hop u all can help me.

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First of all thanks for making a excellent mobile app.

I followed the guide in setting up utorrent web interface over ssh by using stunnel and changing gui port and ssh port to tunnel under

I tested it with http and https, all seems to work fine through web browser but i seem to be having a problem with this app and ssh.

I tested it with normal http and it worked fine, connected and i could see all torrents.

I tried it with stunnel loaded and changed the port to 443 and it doesnt seem to want to connect.

I have the following logs on stunnel:

2009.06.19 20:58:32 LOG5[2680:1084]: https accepted connection from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:53456

2009.06.19 20:58:32 LOG3[2680:1084]: SSL_accept: 1407609C: error:1407609C:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:http request

2009.06.19 20:58:32 LOG5[2680:1084]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket

So im guessing the apps requesting data packets through http and not https, will this be safe using http?

If I cant access using ssh the only thing i can do is add the first 3 sections of ip address of my mobile internet provider to lower the risk of being hacked, i do have it set to localhost and some other network ip's but the outside worlds blocked atm if it isnt through ssh.

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Installed this on my Nokia 6220 with no issues other than user error ;) Very nice!!

One thing though that I would like - I have a LOT of torrents seeding (500+) making the list unmanagably long. Would it be possible to provide Label and Status filtering, preferably in combination?

eg Downloading in Movie or Active in Any(label) etc - the full list would be All in Any

Also, is there any way to sort the list? The order appeared to me to be random - probably not true but whatever the order was it wasn't obvious.

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I got a new phone recently (Nokia 6120 classic) and so I've done a bit of work on uTorrent mobile, and finished work on version 1.6 (see the first post in this thread for the download link)

The main feature in this version is support for the webUI token authentication system which is going to be enabled in future versions of uTorrent. This change ensures that uTorrent mobile will continue to work as future uTorrent versions are released. This feature is backwards compatible with existing uTorrent versions so don't worry about upgrading causing problems if you're running an older version of uTorrent.

@Matt01 I tried adding support for SSL a long time ago, but there are serious issues with j2me apps connecting to https servers that use self signed certificates, so unfortunately it won't work over ssl.

@j s - I typically I have only a few torrents running at a time, so I never even considered that someone would have 500+ torrents in the list (You must have a much higher monthly data cap than i do :)). I'll keep the filtering feature in mind for any future work, but I'm probably not going to be able to do it any time soon.

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Nice app indeed, thx for developing it.

I tried to install 1.60 in a BlackBerry 8900 and the installation says "error 907: invalid jar, illegal host string starts with '/' "

The rar downloaded OK from your site, so it seems to be an issue in the BB installation process or incompatible jar packaging. Any clue?

Thx, Wolf.

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I have a Nokia 6220 Classic (brand new) & I have installed v1.60 but I keep getting this error message:-

Server not found


unable to refresh authentication

Token: null

My utorrent server is running v1.8.3 with the webui 0.361 on same port using HTTP only.

Any ideas what I need to do to solve this problem?

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What is up with these forums? I can't log in using firefox 3.5 and they seem to periodically forget that I want to be emailed when people reply to this thread... hence the long wait for my response.

@jman 177

Do you have webUI token authentication turned on? (If you don't know what I'm talkinmg about its probably off as thats the default in 1.8.3)

What html output (i.e whaen you view the html source for the page) do you get when you go to http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html

Also when does this error occur for you, all the time, or only after a certain period of time?


I've seen some other blackberry users report this issue, but to the best of my knowledge its a valid jar as it seems to work on other phones without issue. I don't know what exactly the problem is, but I'm downloading the blackberry emulator software to see if I can reproduce the problem

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Hi mr sharpoblunto

Thanks for responding.

WebUI token authentication is currently turned off at the moment so I cannot access /gui/token.html.

So it looks like I will need to setup that first using this guide "http://trac.utorrent.com/trac/wiki/TokenSystem".

Will let you know how I go & thanks again for the help

Just out of interest can you use utorrent mobile v1.60 without having a token authentication enabled on utorrent v1.8.3 with the webui 0.361?

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Hi mr sharpoblunto

Thanks for the quick responses.

I have now enabled token authentication in utorrent - Prefences - advanced & changed "webui.token_auth" from "false" to "true".

I have restarted utorrent & waited about 5 minutes but I cannot access

http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html

(Tested using windows XP & Firefox 3.5)

After looking through the "webui.zip" in

C:\Document and settings\username\application Data\utorrent

I noticed that I can browse using firefox 3.5 all files inside the archive from external


http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/images/about.png

http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/main.css.gz


There does not appear to be a file named "token.html" in the root of webui.zip, do I need to create one?

(I also tried doing the solution from http://trac.utorrent.com/trac/wiki/TokenSystem but did not change my results so I reverted back)

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With windows XP after waiting about 30 minutes after switching token to "true" I can now browse to http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html but there is no content just an empty page.

(Previously I got page not found)

But using the utorrent mobile client on my mobile I still get:-


unable to refresh Authentication Token: null

Thanks again for all your help with this problem & hopefully you can fix this issue for me

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Hey ...

I am trying to use this app on my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic .. But i keep getting a "401" check username password

the inputs are correct.

I was running uT 1.7.7 (the best version IMO)

then shifted to 1.8.4 with a new webUI version .. both dont work !

I have also turned the token auth. to true

I am able to use the webUI from firefox on my pc .. but the app doesnt get logged in.

really looking forward for it!

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